How to Check If an Online Shopping Page is Real or Fake

Now a days many people do not have time to go shopping and they prefer to shop via internet using their computers. Online shopping is not new to most of the people around here but online retailers having their shopping via Facebook or other social networking sites are relatively new.

So its important to check before ordering something from a facebook-page retailer, if that account is actually an online shop or a fraud…

Here are a few steps to ensure your safe shopping…


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    Do Proper Research:

    One ought to do a proper research before ordering something on Facebook (or any other social networking site page). If it's a new page, at least visit that page regularly for 2 weeks to check the response time for other subscribers and the uploads, etc. In case of an old page, check the previous deals and users' response on them.

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    Cross Check the Authenticity of the Brand Online:

    If you are trying to order something online from a local or international brand, always check their official website and from there, check and confirm the official online Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social network link  of the brand.

    If the Facebook/Twitter page you are seeing the deal is not mentioned on the website, it is most probably a fake page and you might not be getting what are paying for!!! So beware...

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    Cross Check the Price:

    Some online retailers using Facebook or other social media networking site page offer more price for their products, for which they justify that the order is especially made for the customer etc etc. But it is necessary to check the price from other pages as well as it is quite common and easy for pictures to be copied and replica's made.

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    Read Customer Reviews:

    It is very necessary to regularly check for the customer reviews of a page. Sometimes the page - owner deletes the bad reviews and highlights the good reviews, however before ordering your stuff, one must regularly visit the page for any upright /  bad comment or review to know the customer feedback.

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    Review the Payment Modes:

    Most of the online page retailers want the 100% advance payment before shipping the product but by that time, the customer does not have the ball in his court. It is necessary that before ordering online, one must try to convince the retailer to offer COD (Cash on Delivery) which is available in almost every country so that one might ensure safe delivering of the package and minimize the risk of fraud.

    If the retailer is not agreeing for the COD, the customer can offer to pay 50% advance payment and the remaining amount after receiving the package. If the retailer is not agreeing to any of these modes of payment, he is probably looking for loose end to make a fraud and is managing a fake page.

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    Check for Sellers' Verified Status with Online Payment Modes:

    It is necessary for the customer to keep the record of the online payment for future transactions. Also ask for the complete postal and online address for the retailer for safekeeping records and make a call on their specified number before paying.

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    Order completion require various timelines, but it is necessary for the customer to follow-up for the order and require an uploaded picture for completed order before the retailer dispatches the order.

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    Make the Final Deal:

    Customer should never make the final payment unless they completely trust the page owner / retailer otherwise the final payment should be made by after checking the order and complete satisfaction.

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