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Elance is a service that an increasing number of users are growing accustomed to using in order to meet their various requirements. One could say that it is in direct competition with the likes of Odesk. In fact, without being too suggesting Elance and Odesk both seem to be named using the same formula and technique. However, this article is not about that, instead it is about to gain recognition or rather ranking in Elance.

The steps to follow here are similar to those in Odesk however, they are applied slightly different. As with any perfectly fitted suit, everything must be tailor made to the exact specifications of the client and the clients on Odesk have slightly different requirements, deadlines and expectations than those on Elance. It is picking up on these specific differences which ensure that the client is satisfied as it this which ultimately raises both your ranking and worth in the space.


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    One way to gain ranking on Elance is to make sure that the channels of communication are never closed. More often than not, clients and the writers do not communicate effectively or when they want to. This dragged out process results in wastage of time, inefficiency and a lack of a cohesive final product. Both parties should ensure that if anything needs to be said or shared then there should be no hesitation. It is therefore important to hold daily meetings in order to ensure that everything is on track.

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    This brings us to our next step, which is to set goals and milestones. The ultimate goal should be to deliver the final product on time and of a high quality. However, the milestones should be to complete certain sections of it by a certain time period. Milestones help keep things on track and running smoothly.

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    The writer should also offer to make corrections where appropriate. Some modifications or changes may need to made during the process. The writer or agency must remain open to these requests as they count for a lot later on when it comes times for the client to assess and provide feedback on the service.

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    Always ensure that the deadlines are met and the service is nothing short of outstanding. This is a sure fire way of increasing one’s ranking on Elance as it is ultimately what the client wanted.

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