How To Identify Fake Shopping Websites

Shopping online has been viewed as one the most reliable means of acquiring desired items with a wider range of accessibility.  Almost everyone buys the idea of online shopping; mainly because it can be done at one’s convenience and with lower costs. However, experienced online shoppers know that even with all these benefits you still need to keep your eyes open. Rookie mistakes could leave you with a wrong order being delivered, low-quality product being sold to you or even worse your account could be clean out. That is why, it is very important to be able to identify fake websites immediately. Within this article, we have compiled 6 tips on how to identify fake shopping websites and turn you into an online shopping expert.


  • 1

    Call contacts

    Every authentic website is supposed to have one or more official contact numbers that should be reachable on a 24hours basis. So before clicking on any website to buy anything, make sure you call those numbers and make further inquiries about their services. If you try calling but can’t seem to get through to anyone, then that site is not to be trusted. Also watch out for websites with no contact numbers at all – they are fake!


  • 2

    Item release dates

    If you find your favorite products on a site way before their release dates, don’t even bother going further, just ease out immediately.


  • 3

    Check ratings and comments

    What better way to determine if a website is genuine, if not to check for other people’s comments and remarks. If the ratings are very low with negative feedbacks, then you can be sure it’s definitely not a safe place to shop.


  • 4

    Poorly designed features

    Watch out for websites with below average design features and terrible functionality. If you are familiar with these types of sites, then you should be able to differentiate between a professionally made website from a poorly (usuallyly hurriedly) made one.

  • 5

    Too many misspellings

    If you are on a website and you notice too many errors with spellings, then it’s probably because the site isn’t genuine. Therefore refrain from purchasing anything there.

  • 6

    Prices are too good to be true

    Beware of special offers from your favorite item stores. Most websites can be very deceiving and by the time you realize it was all just a sham, it might be too late. So stay clear!

  • 7

    Far too many people find themselves a victim of online dupery and the sad new is this, ‘’they never get their monies back.’’ So to be on a safe side, find these tips useful, when next you are about to shop online.

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