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Mylife is a social networking website which was created with the purpose to keep people in touch with each other. Initially company acquired databases of and in order to facilitate users to find their lost school/ college friends.

Mylife differs from other popular social networking sites such as Facebook as it focuses more on searching people rather than creating fancy personal profiles and updating status updates. However, Mylife is useful only if you are searching for people inside the United States of America.  Most of their revenues are generated from paid subscriptions, so some people will argue it is a paid service and it does not provide free search options to its users.

However, you can do searches for free in Mylife if you know how to use it properly. This article will cover on how to use Mylife to find people online. Mylife is also a great place to manage all your communications in one place. It allows you to integrate Facebook, Hotmail, and other accounts under one banner. It displays your tweets, Facebook updates, and emails from multiple accounts in one easy to manage webpage. It is the basic idea behind the creation of the service; their motto ‘Personal Relationship Manager’ pretty much explains the thinking of the brains behind the Website.

Mylife also allows you to restrict who can search and browse your profile online and helps you remove unwanted public records.

E-mail addresses and contact information is being protected by a blind relay e-mail system that prevents from being revealed.


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    Register on Mylife

    First of all go to and add your email account along with your other basic information on the right hand side of the website and click on START NOW to create a new account. You will be asked to validate your email to complete the registration.

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    Go to the Search box

    Mylife allows you to search for people with any information that you have about them. For example you had a class fellow called Mike Brown who is 40 years old. Click the box “Name Search” and enter the details and click on search. Mylife search engine will return the results in the form of table.

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    Send an Email

    Mylife will provide you two options; send an email or view the profile of the person. After confirming that you have found the person you were looking for; send an email and get in touch with your lost friend!

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