How to Make Videos With FaceMorpher

It is fun to create morphs from images. It is recommended to follow simple tips and techniques to perform this task properly. You do not have to be an expert to create morphs from images. Simply pay attention to details to get the job done. Morphs are a sequence of images that are combined together and modified from one picture to another. This can have realistic programs for displaying products on a website or personal programs like making a morphing slideshow of your family photos. Luxand Software offers a couple of highly technical and advanced functions for helping you create morphs.


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    Before doing anything else you will be required to make sure that you have the determination to create picture transformations. Just simply select the ADD A PHOTO button to begin including images. You will be taken to a browsing window where you can decide on a photo. Just select one from your computer to practice on. Only JPEG and BMP types can be used presently. This should not be problem as they are the most commonly used types of photos currently used.

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    Use your pointer to choose the picture section you want to transform. The whole picture will be there, but it will only transform from one picture to another based on the area you choose. As you use your pointer, it will sketch a white box over the place you choose. After choosing the position on the picture, simply click the NEXT button.

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    When your images are included, they will be included with a natural transform outline with a variety of natural "handles" or factors. You can play around with the options to expand or reduce the morphing area. As the images modify, they will transform together based on these choices. Experimenting with the number of frames and the morph points is not a bad idea. Use the review control buttons until the picture looks the way you want it to. Take your time while doing this as you will need some practice to make seamless looking morphs.

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    Save your picture transformation project from the main menu. After saving the project you will need to preserve your film. The films are stored in an AVI structure. Find the structure rate for your film. These films are made at about 30 FPS. That speed may create your picture transformation very quickly. Make you set all the necessary options and let the software handle the video making process. Once you are done, you will have a nice morphing video that you can share online with others.

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