How to Listen To Free Music Online

For some, listening to music is a passion and for others, it is just a hobby. When it comes to listening to music online, people face the question of whether it is legitimate or not because of fears that they can be prosecuted for piracy. Luckily, there are a number of websites that will allow you to listen to free music online, instead of having to download it to your computer.

Sometimes, finding such websites, that have a large database of quality music, can be hard. But due to a number of new sources available online, it has become a lot easier to do.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Internet Connection


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    When looking for a website that has a large database of music of various genres, Grooveshark is definitely the right choice to make. The great thing about Grooveshark is the fact that it has a fast, free and easy music streaming service which means that listening to your favourite song can be done in just a matter of seconds. Also, with Grooveshark you are able to make custom playlists by making a profile on the website. This will allow you to listen to your songs without having to search for them if you are on your PC, tablet or even mobile phone. Log on to to check it out.

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    Band/Artist Website

    Most official websites of your favourite band or artist will definitely give the option of being able to listen to their music online for free. They will also have the option of letting you buy the music, but remember not all websites will offer their music for free and may also just have a sample of the song.

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    Social Media

    Social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace have a number of options for letting you listen to music for free when logged in to the website. You may also be able to put the widget on your wall so that it is available whenever you log in.

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    Shopping around in the market, there are a number of products now available that offer coupons after you buy them and allow you to listen to music for free on the internet. Check out the validity of these coupons and how long they last. Also, make sure to choose products which offer these coupons to help expand your online music listening experience.

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