How To Use Google Search More Efficiently

Internet plays a vital role in our academic and professional lives. As per a study in December 2010, there are more than 255 million websites in the world and it gets extremely hard to find content you want.

Over the years, Google search has made it extremely easy for us to find the content we want. It remains one of the leading search engines, helping millions of internet users all around the world. Google search is very simple (even the main search page is very simplistic) to use, but in order to be more efficient and get precisely the required results, you must take into account a number of aspects.


  • 1

    Use at least 5 to 7 keywords

    Most people make the common mistake of searching for stuff using one or two keywords. Such search strings show irrelevant results and waste your time.

    You should use a minimum of 5 keywords to find the required material faster. By giving it more keywords to work with, you help the engine narrow down its search radius.

  • 2

    Do not misspell

    While the Google engine provides alternate spellings in case you make a mistake, it is always better to avoid grammatical errors in order to get faster and more accurate search results.

  • 3

    Use the correct tabs

    Using the correct tabs is crucial. For example, if you are looking for News, you should first select ‘News’ at the top of the Google main page, helping the engine be more precise with results. There are other options like Images, Videos, Books etc.

  • 4

    The OR operator

    Google supports the OR operator. Websites which contain the typed keywords will be shown in the results. Instead of the search engine looking for all the words you have typed, the OR operator allows you to define the keywords with quotation marks. For example, if you type “newspapers” OR “television”, google will display results of either “newspapers” or “television”.

  • 5

    Search within a site

    Sometimes, you know that only one website is going to give you the desired result but searching on the site is a very complicated procedure. In such a scenario, it is best to type the name of the site as one of the keywords.

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