How to Find New Customer on Facebook

With the advancement of information technology over the last couple of decades, online social networking has become more and more important and people can now stay in touch with their family, friends and acquaintances without meeting them in person. There are a number of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which have millions of users, who log into these sites almost every day and communicate with each other.

However, in recent times, many companies are using the social media as a very effective tool of marketing and selling their products, which is not only cost-effective but it also adds spice to one’s business in more ways than one.

Finding new customers through Facebook however, is not as simple as it loots and it requires a lot of skill and experience. By following the below given guidelines though, you can surely find many new customers.


  • 1

    Make a page of your company

    If you have a valid profile on Facebook profile then the next step is to create a page about your business or company.

  • 2

    Page image/logo

    Opting for an attractive image according to your product or business as the main picture of your page is essential. If your business is registered and has a proper logo, then you should have your company logo as the display picture ideally. Main image of a page is extremely important in social networking.

  • 3

    Information about your company/product

    There are a lot of scams in social media and it is imperative to give proper information about your company on your Facebook page as credibility is one of the most important things in marketing.

  • 4

    Advertise your page

    When you complete your page, the next step is to advertise your page wisely and be extremely active. You must keep sharing your page and the updates on your Facebook wall, which will instigate your friends and other users to visit the page and ‘like’ it.

  • 5

    Target audience

    Target the right audience is crucial for the promotion of your business. For example, if you are selling female beauty products, then young girls have got to be your priority.

  • 6

    Share the URL

    Sharing the link of your Facebook page on different forums is a very useful way of selling products. By increasing the number of visitors on your Facebook page, you definitely enhance your chances of finding new customers.

  • 7

    Invite friends

    A Facebook page gives its users an option to invite their friends to like the page, which is an extremely effective way of getting maximum likes.

  • 8

    Share update

    The administrator of the page must keep updating its followers about the products, as a customer is always interested in new and trendy things.

  • 9

    Special offers

    If you give special offers or discounts to the people who have liked your page on Facebook, it will increase your chances of finding new customers.

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