How to Make Money Online without a Website

Making money online might seem like a pipedream to those who have no website or their own online platform, but it is simpler than most people may think. You have several opportunities online which can be  utilized to reel in cash.

When you start out on your new website-less online business, you may get a bit worried initially to see that you cannot gather enough money through this practice. However, be mindful that online income generation picks momentum with time. The harder you work, the more perfect you become in online money-making techniques.


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    Become a blogger

    Become a blogger if you do not have enough resources and money to build a proper website. You can create a blog for free at multiple blog hosts. Some of the most popular blog hosts include and

    Visit these websites and create your own blog without spending a dime. No matter what field you want to explore or make money in, you can build your blog based on your business plan. Your blog is nothing but a space/platform (provided to you by your blog host) from where you can launch your product/service.

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    Work as a freelancer

    Freelance work does not cost anything. All you have to do is decide what field you want to work in, and you can get in touch with literally hundreds of websites that provide freelancers with multiple work/jobs. Whether you are a photographer or a web developer, you can always find thousands of people who are in search of freelancers like you.

    Some of the websites you can explore for your freelancing career include and Money wise, a freelance job can benefit you a lot as you do not have much cost associated with the work you produce for your clients.

    Moreover, there are other benefits like freedom to work according to your own schedule and convenience to work at your preferred place (home for example).

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    Write articles

    Writing industry is ever growing and when it comes to online writing, you have multiple opportunities of work at your disposal. You can write articles for others (newspapers, websites, individuals, and blogs). For instance, you can give your services as a writer to a well-known blog that attracts massive web traffic. If you have written an article or two for some websites before, you can add them to your profile as a sample of your past work.

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