Google Labor Day Doodle

Google Inc. the company most popularly known for its search engine by the same name, was founded in 1998 and has been providing unmatched web services since then. While the search engine they introduced (Google) has a minimalistic design theme, there is a group of dedicated illustrators who come up with ideas to change the classic Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, important days and famous birthdays. These illustrations are popularly known as Google doodles and show up on the international page for the Google search engine or on the local home pages for several countries.

While Google doodles were originally conceived in 1998, an intern, Dennis Hwang (currently the webmaster) was appointed as the chief doodler in 2000. Initially, doodles only showed up on common holidays, but now, with a dedicated team working on them, they commemorate local events in various countries. With over 1000 doodles produced over the years, Googlers themselves continue to brainstorm and take suggestions from their users for new ideas. Some of the latest doodles celebrated the South African Freedom Day and Ella Fitzgerald’s 96th Birthday.

Labor Day, the annual holiday observed on May 1st, is also amongst the events Google celebrates with doodles. However, the first Labor Day doodle was put up on Google in 2010, which was then followed by one in 2011 and another in 2012.


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    2013 Doodle

    The most recent Labor Day doodle by Google depicts different classes of workers. It shows an office employee, a gardener, a painter and a construction worker, as they work on the Google logo.

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    2012 Doodle

    The Labor Day doodle for 2012 shows a construction worker with his box of tools as he holds up a metal Google logo.

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    2011 Doodle

    The 2011 Labor Day doodle by Google has a general industrial theme, with the illustration depicting the processes of production using raw materials and their supply.

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    2010 Doodle

    The 2010 doodle for Labor Day also has an industrial theme, depicting laborers at work and the traditional way they have lunch.

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