6 Best WordPress Themes for Restaurants

Being a responsible business owner, you indeed have to find the promising WordPress theme for your restaurant business. Having a professional and captivating WordPress theme can eventually take your business to the next level. So, what would be the best WordPress themes for restaurants? Let us go through some best themes for your restaurants.


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    Bordeaux is simply the best WordPress theme for your restaurant. It comes along with a photo gallery page along with table reservation system. With this theme, you can also integrate Google Maps for making the users find you easily.


    Image gallery
    Precise coding
    Simple logo pattern and easy customization of fonts
    Homepage with splendid transition efforts
    Orange theme
    Design limitless sidebars with the helps of sidebar generator

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    Dine and Drink

    Dine and Drink is one of the best customised WordPress themes which can be used for restaurant and other food related business website. Dine & Drink has 5 significant styles and has various color schemes to choose. Moreover you can also make your own color patters. With the complete reservation system, streamlining the booking process becomes simple and easier.


    3 distinct menu styles
    Plenty of fonts to choose from
    Comfortable pricing tables
    Easy image upload for background and website header

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    People who are looking for food theme can choose Linguini for their website. With pleasing design, you could easily adjust the design as per the screen size. Besides this, you can avail many benefits and features:


    Menu cards available
    Completely optimized coding
    WordPress 3 + menus
    Easy logo uploader
    7 area widget support

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    The Restaurant

    The Restaurant is an exclusive WordPress theme that is designed with refined colors and elegant design. It perfectly matches all kind of food and restaurant websites. The best thing about The Restaurant theme is that, you can customize it in different ways. For example, you could select your favorite color, font and as well add many different slide effects too. Through the customization option, you can make your website look much better and beautiful. Also, this WordPress theme remains search engine friendly.


    The in-built breadcrumbs give excellent user-experience
    Customized logo design and installation
    Search engine friendly coding and the entire design remains neat and structured
    Integration of Google Analytics

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    The Victoria WordPress theme is simple and elegant in its design. It remains very colourful and trendy in its look as well. For an effective look, you can even add slider effects and incorporate widgets into it.


    10 excellent widgets
    Easy customization of fonts
    Excellent business style widgets

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    LemonChili is the right option for minimalists. It doesn’t have usual header like other themes facilitate. You can find it very distinct and can also download them from the internet. It comes with fixed vertical menu in the side pan and facilitates easy navigation too.


    3 menu styles
    5 customized post
    7 page template design
    Excellent features for mobile users

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