How to Subscribe to Slashdot

Slashdot is a technology related US-based news website. News items are published on the site by readers and they also evaluate them in the comment section that is associated with each news item. The website has an optional subscription choice, although the consumers can access and consume all the content free of cost. The website has rapidly developed since being launched as a blog in 1997. It was developed by two students. Each news submitted by the readers leads to threaded discussions among the audience. The website users number hit 3.7 million in 2012.


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    Although you can have a free access to slashdot, a number of ads makes it difficult for you to read the news. This is the reason that the site itself recommends subscription, as it facilitates hassle-free access to information to a certain extent.

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    The site makes available about 1,000 ad free pages at cost of about $5 and the consumers once subscribed can suppress the ads while browsing the website. This depends on the rate at which consumers read the information.

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    The subscription is similar to the process that is done for subscription to other website. You will need an account to become member and then subscribe the website. For this, you will need to register yourself providing all necessary information.

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    Once you are registered you can subscribe the website and make payment through PayPal. According to the managers of the site, since PayPal is the safest mode for online payments, it is recommended for consumers to clear their subscription charges at the time of subscription or update.

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    In addition to the regular subscription option, the website also offers promotional subscription services. For example, consumers can avail a certain type of gift while subscribing the website. Or else, any other scheme can be offered to them to avail from the subscription offer opportunity.

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    You can seek help from the website if you continue to receive ads despite the fact that you are a subscribed consumer. You have option to suppress advertisements and if somehow the option is not working, you can find help online. The administrator of the site might suggest you easy steps that can help you resolve the advertisements popping up issue.

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    If you have crossed the limit of your 1,000 pages ad free limit, it might be the reason for popping up of the advertisements. In that case, re-subscribe the website or update other information that might help you resolve the issue. You as a reader nevertheless have a right to access ad free content, provided you have a valid subscription to access the content.

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