How to Make Money with Google Adsense

Google AdSense provides revenue-sharing opportunities for you to earn money by displaying ads on your websites. You receive a particular amount of money whenever someone opens your website and the ad is displayed on the webpage. Furthermore, you will also get money whenever someone clicks on the ad on your website. If you post quality content on regular basis and have a reasonable audience for your website, you can earn a good sum of money though Google Adsense.


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    First of all you have to create an ad unit on your website. Just sign in to your AdSense account and click on ‘My ads’ option which is given on the upper left corner. You will see some options in the drop down menu, choose ‘Content’ and click on ‘Ad units’. Then, click on ‘New ad unit’ and give it a name (you can give any name to the ad unit. If you have multiple ad units, it is better to name them in a series). After that, you have to select the size, type, channel and style of the ad. To complete the settings of the ad unit, you have to get and save its code.

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    Then, you have to design your ad campaign in which you have to analyse your content first. You should know the needs and wants of your target audience in order to post the relevant content. Furthermore, it will help you in attracting more traffic towards your websites which eventually increase your earnings. In addition, you have to keep on optimising your ad placement and website design to get maximum hits. Besides, you also need to learn how AdSense works and judges the potential of your website through contextual and placement targeting, and interest based-advertising.

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    It is extremely important for you to manage your content, ads and traffic well. Moreover, you should keep on making the necessary changes in your strategies so as to get maximum CPC (Cost per click) revenue.

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    The content of your website is its core component and everything depends on it. If you cannot manage to post quality content according to the wants of your audience on routine basis, you will not be able to earn good money from your website through AdSense.

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