Free Ways To Get Bitcoin

This virtual currency has become common since its introduction in 2009. The fact that bitcoin it has not gained much attention from various national government, has led to extra attention to it. It can be exchanged for real money and it is bought using the same local currencies. However, if you can check online, there are various ways it can be gained without spending any amount. Many people and companies have already invested their online businesses with the virtual currency. Blogs and websites are willing to reward their audience and service users with BTC by simply browsing through their web pages. The more you use the website or the longer you are online the more you earn. The only problem can be that you will have to wait to earn a certain amount so that you may transfer it for withdrawal.


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    The first step is to set up a Bitcoin wallet first. The digital wallet is free online and a couple of legit online companies will do that for free. Then here is how to get BTC without buying them. First you have to own a personal computer and be connected to the internet most of the time. In most cases you will find that what you earn will be a fraction of a coin, popularly known as mBTC or micro BTC. But the good thing is that these fractions are worth a few hundred US Dollars. The below sites are jus examples and you can find more free BTC websites if do your search properly:

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    Bit Visitor: On this website, you are required to do some tasks and get a fraction of the virtual currency. Such tasks are viewing advertisements on a set time. The other way is by inviting other users. Referring other users will increase your earnings with a certain percentage. Once your balance is above minimum you can withdraw using the e-wallet address.

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    Coin Worker: This website will give you tasks similar to this on Bit Visitor your earnings will be available for withdrawal after the minimal number of 180 points.

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    The other simple method is to let your computer do the mining for you. You will be required to have some extra hardware and software that will do the BTC mining on your behalf by simply leaving your computer on as long as you can. The more it is on, the more it generates although it is more complicated. To simplify it for you, use websites like BitCoin Plus. Their system has done everything for you and you will not even download single software. It will simply work through your browser.

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    A website like Rigatu will award you the virtual coins for taking simple tasks like answering questions online. The more you participate, the more you accumulate in your e-wallet.

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    Completing surveys or offers online can reward you BTC. Use website like and complete as many tasks as you can to increase you BTC accumulation.

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    All these activities will get you accumulating fractions of Bitcoins and once in your virtual wallet, it will be a good fraction or even full amount.

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