How to Use Images in HTML

Undoubtedly, the most basic programming language is HyperText Markup Language (HTML) that is used to create and design web pages. Its convenience and easy to understand traits have played a significant role in enhancing the popularity of this language and it is being taught to most of the business studies students. The language comprises of codes which are enclosed in the angle brackets. These codes are used to perform different functions from creating the web page to embedding media files and contents in it. Without doubt, HTML is the easiest programming language to learn.


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    Learn the language

    If you want to embed the images in a HTML file, it is strongly advised that you should learn the language well and firm your grip on the major commands and codes. Remember that this will not only help you in gaining familiarity with the language but you will be able to use it properly whenever required. In order to use images properly, it is highly recommended that you should learn the codes related to images. Here, you will not only be required to use the codes for the purpose of uploading images, but you will also need to align the images and change their size and shapes.

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    Upload an image

    To make proper use of the image, you must first upload it on your webpage. For this, you should choose an image wisely, depending upon the demand of the content. Do not choose an image that does not go with your content.  After you have decided what type of image you need for the webpage, you must upload it on the webpage. For this, you will have to choose an image over the internet and save a file on your computer to the location of your choice and embed the code. For this, you should save the file on your desktop and type the name of file after 'image src=' in angle brackets.

    Here, you can also use the alternate text in some cases, where the internet connection is too slow and the user is not able to view the file properly.

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    Change the height and width

    You can also set the height and width of the image if you want. It is mostly done in cases, where little space is available on the web page. Therefore, if you want to fix the height and width of an image just include the height and width command in the above code.

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