Firefox 13 Ready for Download

Firefox 13 has been made available for users to download from Mozilla’s website starting June 4. Firefox 13 was in beta for over a month as users tested and reported bugs while Mozilla corrected issues and put the final touches on the updated browser. The shiny new updates to Firefox 13 include a default home page and tab screens. These default features on the home page give bookmarks and history while the ne tab will show most visited pages. The new version of the popular Firefox browser will also have Google’s SPDY protocol which will help websites that support the protocol load a lot faster.

The latest updates signal the end of Firefox 3.6 which Mozilla officially stopped supporting at the end of April this year. Any user that was still using the old version was auto updated to Firefox 12 whether they liked it or not. The latest Firefox has brought users up to speed with browsers like Chrome with features and capabilities that resemble the popular Google developed browser.

Mozilla has found that the browser market has started to heat up with news hitting headlines every few weeks. First came data supporting claims that globally Firefox had slipped from second place and had been replaced by Chrome while in some countries Chrome was beating both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Then came the entry of a new search browser from Yahoo named Axis which had the online world buzzing. There also came rumors that Facebook was looking at purchasing Opera and launching its own browser which would help it leverage the massive user base its social network possesses. The already crowded browser space is seeing new and interesting changes and the boys at Mozilla will need to evolve quickly to stay in the top three browsers in the world.

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