Google Gets B+ In Search Accuracy, SIRI Graded As D

It was just a couple of months ago, when people used to consider Apple’s voice assistant Siri as the most appropriate way for people to find what they want online as compared to Google search engine.

However, with the recent release of Google Now, the voice-enabled personal search assistant that’s part of the latest version of the company’s Android mobile operating system, the search giant has actually turned the tables on Siri. Some people have pitted the two popular search interfaces against each other and concluded that Siri is hell far away from Google search.

Piper Jaffray and a well known Apple fanatic Gene Munster compared both the services on some 800 questions. These questions were asked via Google text search and by voice in Siri. It was found that Google successfully understood 100 percent of the questions whereas Siri was able to comprehend words for only 89 percent. Of the 800 queries asked, Google gave 86 percent correct answers, while Siri replied correctly up to 62 percent.

Apparently, Siri is in a better position as it was facing difficulties of voice recognition as well. But Google search was rewarded as B+ because of its accuracy, whereas Siri was given D.  Seems harsh!

Another analyst, Steve Kovach said that Google Now is “a lot more impressive” as compared to Siri, specially in terms of response speed.

Well that’s not enough, the search giant has a very futuristic approach. Its digital project glasses, which Google introduced last week at company’s annual developer conference, has the ability to find answers online even more natural. However, the company is still working on this project, but it seems like this product will be a natural for voice interaction.

All that said, Siri is still a very popular feature among many people and is one of the key differentiator and advertising tool for Apple over Google’s Android and Microsoft newly released Surface tablet.

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