How to Accept Credit Cards For an Online Business

Gone are the days when traders and entrepreneurs used to sell their services and products through a merchant account with a bank. These days, you can sell as many products and services, if not more, with just a click of mouse.

When it comes to online businesses, one has to rely on online payment services to accept credit card payments from their customers. Since credit cards are usually issued by banks (or by credit unions), online payment services act as an intermediary between buyer and seller.

Today, most of the business is done through credit cards on the Internet. Traders and business owners have a wide variety of paying and selling facilities at their disposal. Despite this, most of the online entrepreneurs are often troubled about how to integrate a payment gateway into their newly launched website.

E-payment services typically require a business owner to establish a merchant account with them. These e-commerce companies will then verify your bank account details.  Since these services act as an intermediary between you (or your bank account) and your customers, they charge a minimal fee for transferring funds to you.

If you have launched a site and are ready to sell services/products, you must integrate an e-payment service to your website.


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    Choosing the best service

    Choosing the best e-payment service is the most important step in accepting credit card payments. Not every e-payment service transfers funds to you directly in your bank account. Instead of transferring your payments directly to your bank, these companies would only send a check, which is a tiring process.

    Paypal,, Alertpay and moneybookers are among the most reliable e-commerce service providers. But there are also scammers out there ready to rip you off. They try to attract visitors with low transfer fees, but most of the times these companies fail to transfer funds under the pretext of technical errors.

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    Set up a merchant account with an online payment service

    Setting up a merchant account with an online payment service is easier than most people think. Services, like Paypal and Moneybookers will ask you for your identity and bank account details. Since you want to have a corporate account, these services will ask you for your website through which customers will pay you.

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    Integrate your merchant account with your website

    Once you have set up a merchant account with any of the above-mentioned e-payment service providers, the next step is to have that account integrated into your existing or newly launched website. Website integration with the payment provider is easy, as your webmaster can do it with a minimal fee.

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