How To Delete a Tumblr Layout

Social networking sites have become a massively important part of people’s lives nowadays. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Google Plus have been hugely popular and have offered the youth a new reason to cheer about.

One such addition to the list has been Tumblr. The social networking giant has slowly but certainly made its way to the top and is now amongst the ‘Top Five’ social networking websites in the world. It has been estimated that Tumblr has over 80 million blogs currently and sees over 20,000 new users each passing day.

Every individual who creates a Tumblr account is provided with a blog name. He will have different options to change the appearance of his respective blog and different ways on how to make it more attractive for friends.

To change or delete the layout of your Tumblr account is very easy and the process takes just a while to be completed. The process includes restoring the changes to default and deleting the HTML text from the ‘Description’ box.


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    Login to your account

    Enter your username and password and login to your Tumblr account first. Then click on the name of your blog to open it. There will be an option of ‘Custom Appearance’ on the right side of your window, click it to enter the page where you can see your respective blog’s layout.

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    Set the appearance to default

    When you have entered the ‘Custom Appearance’ page, there will be a menu on the left which shows different options to alter your account. Amongst the options there will be an ‘Appearance’ tab. Click on it to make changes to the appearance of your Tumblr account.

    Reset the settings to the default mode after entering the ‘Appearance’ tab. There will be an option of ‘Reset Defaults’ which will be displayed prominently on the page. This will automatically change the settings to the default mode and will delete any changes you have made since making your account.

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    Delete Customizations

    There will be another option of ‘Description’ in the Appearance heading. Click on the tab to enter the field. This will contain a Description box which contains an HTML code in accordance with your Tumblr Layout. Empty the Description box to delete all the customizations you have made over the period of time. ‘Save changes’ in the end to continue with the default settings.

    Click on the ‘Themes’ tab on top of the bar to make any new changes to your layout.

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