How to Choose a Free Online Portfolio Web Site for Comic Artists

Internet has provided us with many facilities that were previously unavailable and unthinkable. We can now shop from places we could not reach previously and also get our opinions heard which was previously much harder. It has also provided professionals with a chance to showcase their abilities to the world.

If you are a comic artist and are looking to provide the world with a glimpse to your work, it is a great idea that you sign up with one of the many online sites that offer free portfolios. Make sure that you pick the right one and work should come your way.


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    See which websites are getting more exposure on the web searches. Such websites are more likely going to have better views and in turn, offer you a chance to have a better viewership of your profile, which is the eventual goal.

    Make sure that the profile template on the website that you choose for to post your profile on is easy to understand not only for you but more importantly for people who will be seeing it. This can help you in a great way.

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    General Preference

    See what other comic artists prefer. You can ask in your own circle as well as check online. The more preferred websites are bound to get more hits as they will be offering a greater variety of artists. It is only natural the people looking to hire artists will visit these more.

    Generally websites that offer easy to make profile and that are viewed more than others are preferred by the artists since they will get more exposure this way. If the website has its own service in the related field as well, it is even better.

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    Facilities Provided

    See what additional services are provided by the website along with posting a free profile. Some of these offer discussion forums which is a great way to interact with other artists as well as with the potential clients.

    Similarly, there are websites that will post your resume automatically to the jobs which match your given description, increasing your chances of finding work. Some may also offer you additional services which can be greatly helpful in landing you work.

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