Methods to Get a Wallet for Bitcoins

Bitcoins is a currency that was introduced in 2009. Since its introduction, the currency has gained a lot of popularity. As a matter of fact, the number of merchants that are accepting this currency in their transactions is increasing every single day. In order to be able to transact with this currency however, you need to first of all acquire it. There are two ways in which you can do this; the first one is by buying bitcoins at one of the online transaction centers. The second way in which you can get this currency is mining for the bitcoins. Whichever way you choose to acquire this currency, you will need a way to store the currency.


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    Mt Gox: This is the largest market place for this popular coin. Due to its popularity, it is ranked by most researchers as the top in the coin exchange websites. It might be slow sometime due to congestion but to the daily, serious trader it is still worth using. It is only the day trader and maybe general site visitors who will notice the negative and bypass it.

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    Normally, you have to get an e-wallet to store the currency. This is because it is basically a virtual currency. The wallet is what is going to allow you to do transactions with other users. The process of getting bitcoin wallet is actually quite simple. For the websites that offer this service, there are a few easy steps that are involved.

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    Open the website that offers the service, for example, you can choose to go to http// Once you get to the site, the second step is to click on the tap that says start a new wallet. This will direct you to a page where you have to give personal details.The next and most important step is to make sure that you enter a secure password. It is important to make sure that this password is kept safe at all times. In most of the sites that offer these services, a lot password is almost impossible to recover. It is also possible to enter an email or a short link for your wallet. After filling in your details and getting a password, you can log in with the username and password that you just gave. After this step, you can easily start sending and receiving money and also shopping using bitcoin.

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    As you can see, the process of getting a wallet for your bitcoin is really simple. The only thing that you need to do is make sure that you set up a wallet with a website that is secured. Note that bitcoin is viewed to be extremely valuable by many people. This means that you have to secure your currency at all times.

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    There are many benefits that you will get from opening an e-wallet for your bitcoin. To start with, there is the issue of anonymity. When you are dealing with bitcoin in transactions, you do not have to give your name or address. This means that it is a great alternative especially when you are thinking about keeping your financial transactions a secret. The important thing to have in mind is that you have to keep your password safe; in addition to that, you have to keep it away from the wallet identifier. Putting these two together would give a hacker a leeway to invade your wallet and use your bitcoins.

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