Wikileaks Triumphs Over Visa And Mastercard In The Icelandic Court

The legal combat which was started by Visa and MasterCard declared Julian Assange a victor. Founder of the secret spilling site, Wikileaks, had been engaged in a court battle when credit card companies blocked donations for Julian’s controversial site.

On the 12th of July 2012, court of Iceland ordered the credit card companies to start donations as soon as possible.

According to associated press, the situation went over to Valitor’s (local partner of Visa and MasterCard) head when he was ordered by the Icelandic court to pick up the donation process where he left off.

In the year 2010, when more than 250,000 American classified diplomatic cables were published by infamous Wikileaks, U.S based financial firms blocked the transactions. Besides Visa and Master card, PayPal is also included in the financial firms.

According to Julian Assange, his website has suffered from a 95 % fall in revenue due to the blockade, which is why he had to focus on fundraising.

People associated with Wikileaks are pleased by the judgment of Reykjavik District Court; Kristinn Hrafnsson, the spokesperson of Wikileaks said that “The judgment handed down by Reykjavik District Court is a very important milestone in our campaign,” He further stated, “… The Icelandic win was a small but very important step in fighting back against these powerful banks.”

The court has ordered Valitor to continue the process of donations within two weeks or else they will have to pay daily 800,000 kronur (about $6,000) as fine.

After the recent decision revealed by the court, Valitor is looking forward to appeal.

Though Valitor is told to abide by the order but it has still not been confirmed whether customers of Visa and Master Cards have been given permission to make donations to the secret-spilling sites, Wikileaks and DataCell.

Both U.S based financial firms have refused to pact with Wikileaks because according to them, they are starving for funds themselves.

On the other hand no email containing Visa Inc. and MasterCard’s comments related to the judgment has been received yet.

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