How to Be Popular on Instagram

Instagram is an online database and application that helps you share your pictures with the rest of the world. There is also an option to make your personal data private, but if you want to get popular on Instagram, you definitely do not have to use that option. Just grab a phone which has the Instagram application, take out its camera and start snapping pictures. Try not to overdo things as people get annoyed, but do get a few interesting clicks so that the others are attracted towards your profile and they start following you.

Things Required:

– A phone with a camera and Instagram app
– Internet access


  • 1

    You first need to start off by buying a phone with a really good camera. Most of the smartphones these days support a decent camera that has a high megapixel rating.

  • 2

    Once you have all the equipment at your disposal, you can now start taking interesting pictures. Try not to take too many pictures of yourself, but do try to catch something interesting along with yourself.

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    In case of women, you should not try to show a lot of skin. Not many people like that. However, in case you have a pretty face, you can always use it to your advantage. On the other hand, guys can always show a little bit of their packs in case they have some. If they are deprived of decent muscles, there are several other things they can show off. For example, a few might like to travel. Take pictures of places where you have been and make sure you are a part of the picture as well.

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    The option to hash-tag has made it easy for you to access the global community. You hash-tag different things along with your picture and once the other person uses the same hash-tag, he/she can see your picture there as well. This way, people with similar hash-tags or similar interests can bond together.

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    Once others have started to follow you, it does not mean that you stop. It means that you start taking more pictures so they keep sticking to your profile. When you get more likes and comments, you will notice how more people will get attracted towards you.

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    Try to use the best effects possible. At times there are a number of effects which you might find suitable for a picture. In this case, use the ones which offer you maximum visibility as people like to see what you have captured and not how the effects have changed the original shot.

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