How to Load Images in MySQL Database

MySQL provides efficient ways to manipulate databases; it can store multiple types of data. If you are going to create image databases, first thing you have to consider is web server to store your image database, but you can do this more efficiently by making use of MySQL tables. It uses BLOB data types to store your images in table entries. The BLOB data types are basically used to store binary data. Hence MySQL grabs binary representation of your images and then stores it for future use. Following step by step guide will help you to load images in MySQL databases.


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    To store images on MySQL database server, first you need to open the Query Browser which is used to communicate with the MySQL server. So open Query Browser and enter your credentials to login on that server.

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    Now you will see a “New” button, click there to open a new query window. To load the image on the database server, you need to use following code. Write down this code in the query window.

    insert into im_tab (image) values ('your_file.jpg');

    In the line above, exchange im_tab with the table name where you want to store the image. Exchange your_file.jpg with the path and name of the file you wish to store in the database.

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    Once you are done with it. Click “Execute” to confirm the query. Once you will click Execute button, the query will be loaded on to the MySQL server. In order to confirm that if image is actually loaded in the database, use following line of code to initiate a new query to confirm:

    select * from im_tab order by id desc

    Replace im_tab with the table name where you stored the image.

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