Netflix, Instagram and Pinterest Suffer Outages Due to Massive Storm

Regardless of the fact that modern technology has drastically changed everything but high-end technological platforms are still insecure and vulnerable from massive thunderstorms and tribulations.

This weekend some of the biggest websites were caused by a series of severe storms. Netflix, Instagram and Pinterest were among the most prominent companies to suffer outages because of bad weather conditions and eventually went down for a few hours.

These three companies are dependent on Web fidelity and storage from Amazon. After they suffered major interruptions to their Web services to people everywhere because of the massive storm, the companies went on to social websites to tell their users about the whole situation.

Instagram used its Facebook fan page to explain their users what was happening. The company blamed electrical storm the real cause of the problem. The management posted a message on Saturday morning that its technical team is working on this problem and will soon restore the service.

Netflix, a video streaming service, went on Twitter and said users should reconnect if they found problems again.

According to Pinterest, its engineers are trying to find a solution of this problem as soon as possible.

The disruptions remained for six hours, but some of the websites restored services by Saturday afternoon.

In a press release, Amazon said the storm damaged its data center to lose power.

“Severe thunderstorms caused us to lose primary and backup generator power to an Availability Zone in our east region overnight,” an Amazon spokeswoman said, according to Wired. “We have restored service to most of our impacted customers and continue to work to restore service for our remaining impacted customers.”

The storm caused power breakdowns all over the Washington, D.C., area, while knocking out power for more than 1 million people, and it will take few days to restore the service, according to reliable sources. The storm badly hit several trees, caused wind damage and killed at least five people in the vicinity.

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