How to Sell Your Website Business

Selling your website that has been generating a steady stream of profit for years can both be rewarding and challenging. Those who think that it is time for them to sell their website for a number of reasons often encounter two questions: How much is my website worth and how will I sell it? These questions are inevitable and anyone not familiar with how a website’s worth is determined, will look for help.

The selling part is easy as you will find plenty of potential buyers and places where you can place a link to let people know that your website in on sale.


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    Determine your website’s worth

    Determine the website worth by subtracting the total cost of running your website by the average revenue it generates in a year. This is the first step to selling your website. You cannot just hand over the website to someone for whatever price that strikes in your mind. Buyers, who know a thing or two regarding websites’ worth, will get to know that your prices are unreasonable and you know nothing about it.

    With websites that are into business, it is easy to come up with a price. However, people running websites as hobby or for educational purposes for example, often find it difficult to determine their worth. And things often get tricky when you sell a decent website for little money. So, come up with a realistic figure when determining your website’s worth.

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    Present factual information

    The potential buyers of your website will want to know why they should take interest in your offer. So, you need to present all the facts about your websites in a clear and professional manner. The age of the site, industry you were competing in, existing customers/clients and team of workers already working on it like programmers, web designers, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) teams coupled with other key information should be presented formally.

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    Tell the buyers about web traffic

    In addition to the website’s price and its strength to generate revenues, the thing buyers are most interested in knowing is traffic. Telling the website stats to the potential buyers will help them gain a better understanding of this. Anyone can check the traffic stats by using Google analytics. Moreover, the targeted keywords should also be mentioned in your ad.

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    Time to find buyers

    Find buyers in your niche first. You can make a list of websites from your niche and send them a sales letter offering to sell your website. In addition to the sales letter, all the information (price, facts and figures) about the website should also be sent.

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