How to Create a Sub Album in Photobucket

If you have a lot of pictures, pending to be uploaded to your Photobucket account, then you must create subfolders in your main folder in order to locate particular photos when needed.

For instance, if you have created a folder named “Personal” in your Photobucket account, then you may need to generate sub albums named Friends, Family and Pets. It makes it really easy to manage photos divided into different categories. The process of creating sub albums in Photobucket is really easy, provided that you know the right steps.


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    Login to your account at Photobucket and navigate to the folder where you wish to make sub albums. Scroll down the page and locate the "new sub album title”, right below the bar which you use to upload new photos to your Photobucket account.

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    You will now be asked to enter the name of the sub album. Write the name and click the “Submit” button. Here, you should make sure that you have chosen the right name for your sub album. Also, think about the other sub albums you will be creating in your main folder.

    Remember once you are done with assigning a name to a sub album, you will not be able to change it later and in order to change the name of a sub album, you will have to completely delete it and create a new one in the main folder.

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    Once you are sure that the name you have chosen is correct and is according to the pictures that it will contain, submit it and check if it appears in the "My Sub Albums" section, on the left side bar.

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    You can click on the sub album to access it. Thereafter, you will be allowed to add your photos to the newly created sub album. Scroll down the page and use the upload section to put new pictures in the sub album. You can upload one image at a time, or multiple images at once to save your time.

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    In order to upload multiple images, just press and hold “Ctrl” key and select all the pictures which you want to upload. If you select too many files to be uploaded at one time, then the process will take short time to finish - all depends on the speed of internet.

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