How to Win Cool Prizes with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great platform of winning exciting prizes without much effort. The website gives its users points if they use the search engine, fill out survey and or other Internet activities of this nature.

Earning prizes with Swagbucks is not hard at all. But you have to be a bit smart to gain the maximum points that eventually help you get exciting gifts.

You are just required to make Swagbucks a part of your Internet life. Using its search engine plus inviting maximum friends can make you win cool prizes like gift cards and gaming consoles.


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    Search Engine

    The first and most important trick is using Swagbucks search engine. There is no need to do anything extra. Make this site your main search engine and try to use it as much as possible.

    Swagbucks gives its user 5-50 points on use of search engine every 1-2 hours. It is the most convenient way of earning points. The Swagbucks search engine is powered by Google and Ask. So, you would hardly find any difference.

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    Swagbucks Toolbar

    The toolbar could also make you earn points. Installing the toolbar would also help you avoid opening search page every time. There is no difference between Swagbucks and other toolbars, except that this is more rewarding.

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    Filling out Offers

    Filling out free offers is another useful way of earning points. You just need to give your accurate information. The advertisers, in respond, send you emails about the products. If you don’t want to put any burden on your inbox, you can easily transfer these emails to the spam folder. Watching video clips on Swagbucks could also make your earn prizes.

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    Filling out Surveys

    It is a bit tricky activity. The survey may engage a field of life that is entirely unknown to you. Since your need to give correct answers, you may not qualify for the points, if the survey is not of your interest.

  • 5


    You can sell your old cell phones or iPods on the website. As a result, you will earn some SwagBucks. The procedure of sending your products to the company is not hard.

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    Invite friends to SwagBucks

    Just like every website, Swagbucks want to make its community larger. For this, the website asks the users to invite their friends. You will earn points if a person joins the website on your invitation.

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