How to Update Contact Information in cPanel

Once you cPanel account is set, it needs an email address to be used as a contact point in case if some unusual activity happens at your cPanel account. This email address is normally the one which you use while applying for an account with a hosting company.

This is a fact that nothing is 100% perfect and so is the case with mail servers. No matter, how well reputed email service you’re using, there are always chances of server downtime and so you may not be delivered the emails during downtime. Or in other scenario, the email address you’ve provided to the hosting company is the one you do not use that often. In both the cases, you must have to update your contact information in cPanel so the server can communicate the issues rightly and timely.

Follow the quick guideline below to do so:


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    Access the cPanel, and look for 'Change Contact Information' under Preferences tab right in the beginning. Click on it and a new page will open.

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    In the first text field you will find the email address that you used while applying for hosting account. Enter a valid email address if you do not wish to continue with this one, else keep this field as it is.

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    In the second text field a different email address can be used on which the server can contact you, although typing another address in this step is not obligatory, it's suggested to have an alternate email address, so in case if the email on first address is not delivered, it must reach to you via other address.

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    Next you will be asked to check the three boxes; this will allow the server to send you an email alert in uncertain conditions, when your attention is required.

    The first checkbox is “Your disk quota is almost full”, in such scenarios you will not be able to modify, existing or new wp-content/uploads, because the website has reached its maximum amount of disk space. For this either you will be asked to upgrade the hosting plan or delete the unread or old wp-content/uploads.

    The second checkbox is “Your bandwidth is reaching its limit”, such mail is sent by the server if your website has accomplished in receiving the maximum amount of allowed traffic. People will not be able to access your site if the bandwidth reaches its maximum level. Hosting plan should be upgraded or you might have to wait until the limit is reset. Such situation occurs at the end of the month.

    “Your email accounts approach the quota” is the third checkbox which needs to be checked. If your email address uses the maximum amount of disk space it will get closed. In order to avoid such circumstance an email alert message is sent by the server to delete irrelevant email and upgrade the hosting plan.

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    In the end you will have to click save to confirm the changes made.

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