How to Receive Cash Back on Ebay Purchases

Internet has completely changed the shopping experience the world over. Now one can simply buy a product in stores or order it online and receive it at their doorstep. The prices online are better in some cases due to lesser overheads.

An online shopping experience cannot be complete without Ebay. It is the world’s most successful online auction website where millions of buyers and sellers transact each month. The prices are certainly better than those offered in the market and options are a plenty. Many people hardly buy a product without checking if it is available on Ebay.

To make these already great deals even better, you can actually get cashback from Ebay purchases in some case. There are certain conditions which must be met in order to get that though.


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    Microsoft Bing Cashback Rewards

    This program allows the buyers to have cash back on qualifying purchases provided that the Ebay buyer and the purchaser both meet a certain criteria. If the set conditions are not met, the cashback will not be received even if the person is a cashback program member.

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    A single transaction can get a person a maximum of $200 in cashback. Similarly, the maximum cashback a person can get is $2500 in a single year. This includes all qualifying purchases under the program that they had done on or off on Ebay.

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    There is an eligibility requirement for the program as well that must be met. The person applying for the account with Microsoft Bing should be a US Resident who is over 18 years of age. The Ebay and paypal account of the said person should be in good standing and there should be no restrictions such as suspension placed on the Ebay account. The Microsoft Cashback Account should also be in good standing. Compliance with the programs and Ebay’s terms is a must.

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    Qualifying Purchase

    Search items from ebay via Click on a sponsored link from Ebay which will have a gold circle with a dollar sign - the cashback icon. Click on the link and browse the products that are eligible for the cashback. The purchase should be made within sixty minutes from the start of the session and only the first qualifying purchase will get the cashback in a single session.

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    Getting Rewards

    The cashback rewards are received after a period of about 60 days of making the purchase. There will be an email in your Ebay account for cashback details once you make the purchase. The amount may be transmitted earlier depending on case to case.

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    The cashback program is only for buy-it-now products and does not apply to auction styled listings. There are other restrictions that may be placed from time to time and it is best to stay up to date with these changes.

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    Other Offers

    You can also try the cashback programs offered by as well as some programs offered by paypal which are available from time to time on qualifying purchases.

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