How to Save Money on Your Power Bill

With the price of fuels including gasoline, liquified natural gas and compressed natural gas etc, increasing with each passing day, more and more people have started to look for ways to reduce their power bills.

Saving extra cash can help you in a number of ways. Starting a new business, buying a new car or even marrying your loved one, it is important to have enough cash to fulfil your basic needs. The old saying, “a penny saved is a penny earned” is still true. A lot of times, we complain about rising expenses and cash related issues but our ability to save money on regular basis can change our fortune.

Follow some simple tips and instructions given below to save your money on power bills by 25 percent every year.


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    Power and electricity usage is a cost that can be reduced by being more careful. Keep the lights off when you are not using the kitchen, bed room or living room. Make sure electric appliances are turned off at all times when not in use. This will boost your savings significantly.  Also consider disconnecting equipment you do not use a lot as this also can ensure cost reduction. Appliances such as fridge, freezer, cable box and alarm cannot be unplugged even when they are not in use but items such as television, gaming systems, lamps and cell phones do not need to be plugged on for 24 hours.

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    Always use energy efficient appliances. Although these products can be slightly more expensive, you can save a considerable amount of money in the long run.

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    Make sure you programme the thermostat to avoid running heater or air conditioner all day. These appliances will only come on only twice or thrice a day, once you have installed the thermostat. Do not use air conditioner for too long. Run it for half an hour and then turn on the fan to push the cool air around.

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    Take some time out to ensure all cracks and holes on the floorboard and windows are properly sealed. This will help you prevent the cool air from going out during summer. It is recommended to replace the ordinary light bulbs with energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs. In addition to being very cost effective, fluorescent light bulbs have the ability to last for a long time.

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