49 Old School Words You Might Want to Know

1) acology (N): the science of medical remedies

2) affable (ADJ): easy to approach and talk to; courteous

3) akimbo (ADJ): stand with hands on hips elbows facing outwards

4) anhistous (ADJ): without a decided structure

5) antilogy (N): a contradiction in ideas, statements, or terms

6) ataraxia (N): calmness of mind; a term used by the Stoics and Skeptics to denote a freedom from the emotions which
proceed from vanity and self-conceit

7) atrabilarian (N): a melancholy person

8) autodidact (N): a person who is self taught

9) brachylogy (N): in rhetoric, the expressing of anything in the most concise manner possible

10) breadth (N): liberality of thought or sentiment

11) bromatology (N): the science of nutrition

12) coprology (N): the study or treatment of pornography in art and literature

13) cuss (N): a person or animal, especially when regarded as queer or annoying: used humorously or contemptuously

14) diallage (N): a rhetorical figure by which arguments are considered from various point of view, and then turned into one

15) discursive (ADJ): moving or roming about from one topic to another; skimming over many apparently unconnected

16) disenamore (N): to free from love and desire

17) emeute (N): an insurrectio0n; a popular uprising

18) ettle (V): to take aim; to aspire to be ambitious; to direct one’s course

19) gorbelly (N): a person having a large belly

20) heterographic (ADJ): pertaining to or characterized by spelling that differs from current standard usage

21) impecunious (ADJ): having no money; poor

22) indurate (ADJ): hardened; made callous, stubborn

23) metastasis (N): in rhetoric, an abrupt transition from one subject to another

24) orbit (N): the range of one’s experience or activity

25) osculation (N): kissing, touching, close contact

26) pandiculation (N): the act of stretching and yawning

27) psychomachy (N): a conflict of the soul with the body

28) raillery (N): light, good natured ridicule or satire

29) sough (N): a murmuring, sighing sound, a rustling or whistling sound, as of the wind; a deep sigh

30) theotechny (N): in the introduction of supernatural beings into any piece of literary composition

31) unscrupulous (ADJ): not restrained by ideas of right and wrong

32) vicissitude (N): changes or variations occurring irregularly in the course of something; especially, change of
circumstances in life

33) wood (ADJ): out of one’s mind, insane

34) apogeotropism (N): a tendency to grow or move away from earth, or from the pull of gravity

35) axiology: the branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of value and the type of value, as in morals, aesthetics, religion,

36) axiopisty: the quality which renders a thing worthy of belief

37) cacoethes: a bad custom

38) chrematistics: that branch of the political economy relating to the manipulation of propoerty and wealth

39) collop: a fold of flesh on the body

40) coze: a friendly talk

41) ethos: the universal or objective elements in a work of art

42) heteromorphism: deviation from the standard or normal form

43) lucubrate: to study by candlelight or a lamp

44) monogenist: all men belong to a sing race

45) rank: in sexual heat

46) shamble: the walk in a lazy or clumsy manner, barely lifting the feet

47) succubus: in folklore, a female demon thought to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men

48) unction: that quality in language, tone of expression, mode of address, manner, and the like, which excites strong
devotion, fervor, tenderness, sympathy, and the like

49) vigil: a purposeful or watchful staying awak during the usual hours of sleep

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