4×4 Beach Dubai Overview

Dubai is a holiday and vacation heaven so it would not be complete without blue water and white sandy beaches. This guide is about the 4×4 Beach. It is known by the locals as the lookout point beach, because at almost any time of the day or night there are vehicles lined up all along the coastline and shore to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sea.

It is a huge tract of sand that stretches from the roadside all the way to the shoreline of the beach. Bring your camera because it’s breathtaking and the view is very picturesque with a bay arching around. It also has the iconic burj al Arab hotel, the 7 star wonder of the world in the background and it’s a great location to take pictures of it from. This is a great open beach but majority of the people who come there come in their cars and drive around, it’s great for jeeps, SUVs’ and of course 4×4’s.


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    Location of 4x4 Beach in Dubai

    4x4 beach in Dubai is located at the corner of al attar road and jumeirah beach road, right next to jumeirah beach park and jumeirah 2.

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    Directions for 4x4 Beach in Dubai

    Getting to 4x4 beach is easy, and we will list for you the several ways to get there.

    By Taxi

    From any residential apartment or hotel just ask the taxi driver to take you to 4x4 beach in jumeirah. The fair will be between 30-45 AED from almost any access point in the city.

    By Metro

    Since there is no metro stations connected to the jumeirah beach area getting to any of the beaches from metro requires either a 30 minute walk or a 10 AED taxi ride. Just take the metro to the Dubai marina mall station and take quick taxi ride or 30 minute walk to jumeirah.

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