How to Get Driving License in Dubai

Whether you are citizen of Dubai or you are an oversea’s, residing in Dubai, it is mandatory to have a driving license if you want to drive a car in Dubai. To get Dubai’s Driving License, it is necessary to become a permanent resident of Dubai or else you are not eligible for it. A proper procedure is followed, after which the authorities decide whether to give you a license or not.

Like national citizens a certain set of rules are available for foreign citizens as well that will help them to figure out the exact criteria for acquiring the permission to legally drive a car in Dubai.


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    Getting a Driving License (For UAE Citizens):

    Before applying for the license, make sure you have your personal residency in Dubai.

    Driving Course:

    There are several authorized driving schools in Dubai, you can contact anyone of them and apply for the license. You will have to undergo a driving course at the school in order to acquire the license. Following is the list of authorized driving schools in Dubai:

    Al Ahli Driving Learning Institute
    Belhasa Driving Centre
    Dubai Driving School
    Dubai Driving Learning Institute
    Emirates Driving Institute
    Falcon Motor Driving School
    Galadari Motor Driving Centre (GMDC)
    Speed Line Driving School
    Women's Driving Academy

    Eye-Sight Test:

    Next you will have to get your eye sight tested.

    Application form in Arabic:

    The application form for the driving license should be typed mechanically in Arabic. This can be done with the assistance of your driving school. Then you will have to submit your application to the Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

    Temporary License:

    You will receive your temporary license that will be used during the training session.

    Driving Tests:

    Few tests will be takes such as parking, garage and theory test, after passing them you will be allowed to take the road test. During the road test you will be asked to demonstrate your skills.

    Passing Tests:

    After passing all the required sessions you will be granted with your license.

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    Getting an International Driving Permit in Dubai:

    IDP is an abbreviation to International Driving Permit. To acquire this consent you will first have to apply though the Automobile and Touring Club of UAE. People above 18 years are allowed to apply, besides that they should have valid driving license from your own country.

    If your valid license is from Gulf corporation countries then you do not require a driving course. But if you are not from the Gulf cooperation countries then you will have to contact your embassy and get a letter from them about your license’s validity along with an Arabic translation of the information stated on your license.

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    Age Limit:

    Only people above 18 years old are allowed to apply for a  driver's license in Dubai. below the age of 18 are allowed to learn driving but they are not permitted to apply for the licenses.

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