The 400 Club Dubai Overview

The Fairmont Hotel in Dubai houses several night clubs in it premises but none are as exclusive and as hard to get in to as The 400 Club. The Bar and lounge has a dance floor and a resident DJ that spins house, R&B and Arabic music. Most of the customers at The 400 Club are elite party goers looking to drink and have a good time with friends at they tables.

That is why the venue is not high energy like other dance clubs but that does not stop The 400 Club’s popularity from growing. Getting in to the exclusive venue is in self a reward because once inside visitors will have the chance to experience luxury and exclusivity that is hard to find any where in the world.

Contact: +971 4 332 4900


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    Product and Services

    The Fairmont is an excellent hotel and the services and products on offer at the The 400 Club reflect this excellence. Some of the options that guests have include:

    - The 400 Club offers a chance for fine dinning. The Italian menu is delicious and customers can orders meals that are custom prepared in the kitchens of the venue.

    - The drinks list is exceptional and guests can order cocktails or wines to go along with their food. Drinks can also be ordered at the bar and after meals.

    - The 400 Club is good place to go and see some of the cities richest and famous residents. The exclusive nature of the location is ideal for celebrities.

    - The Fairmont's central location is perfect for going to other nightclubs or bars after visiting The 400 Club.

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    Operational Hours

    The venue is open only three days a week. On Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the doors open at 10:00 pm and lights go out at 3:00 am.

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    308th Street, Satwa,  Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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    How to get to 400 Club

    By Metro

    The nearest metro stop is the The World Trade Center Metro. The Fairmont Hotel is easy to reach from ther and passengers can simply head west after getting off the train. They need to keep going towards 308th street and make a right when they reach it. View Map.

    By Bus

    The Fairmont bus stop is the closest public transport point to the hotel. Visitors can use bus route number 98E to reach the hotel. They will need to head south west in order to reach the venue. View Map.

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