Maternity Care & Delivering a Baby in Dubai

Being one of the well-developed destinations of the world, Dubai is well equipped with best maternity hospitals, clinics, and other health facilities. Therefore, the pregnant women do not have to worry at all about delivering baby in Dubai as world’s most excellent maternity care is available for them. There is wide range of Government and private hospitals operating in this advanced city of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The maternity hospitals and clinics offer flexible timings, friendly services, and the latest technology in the field of Maternity Care. Moreover, these hospitals have an impressive panel of well-known gynecologists from all across the globe as their mission is to provide their customers with the best maternal facilities. The other staff members of the hospitals of Dubai are also caring and friendly, always available to guide and help you.

This simple guide of step by step will help you in knowing about the maternity care and delivering a baby in Dubai:


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    Decide on a hospital where you will give birth

    Once you came to know about your pregnancy, do not waste time and decide that whether your child should be born in a private or government hospital. Selecting a hospital is not a difficult task for you as there are hospitals operating in Dubai, offering maternity care. However, the very basic thing you really have to keep in mind while finalizing a hospital is your budget. Moreover, do not forget to keep the distance of the hospital in mind while finalizing the hospital. Try to select the ones, which are closer to your residence as traveling is not appreciated during pregnancy and the labor pain.

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    Which Private hospitals of Dubai?

    The well reputed private hospitals of Dubai offer the top quality maternity services and the latest technology in the field of gynecology. The American Hospital Dubai (AHD) is the best example of private hospitals, which is operating with a mission “to provide high quality American standard healthcare that meets the needs and exceed the expectations of the people of Dubai.” Welcare Hospital, Emirates International Hospital, Iranian Hospital, Harvard Medical School University Hospital, and Belhoul European Hospital etc are other best private hospitals of Dubai.

    However, the private hospitals of Dubai are expensive as compared to the Government hospitals. The maternity care and delivery charges of private hospitals of Dubai vary and change from time to time. Therefore, you can sign into the official websites to get an idea of their antenatal/ prenatal care - refers to the medical and nursing care suggested for women during your pregnancy.

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    Consider the Government Hospitals of Dubai

    The Government hospitals of Dubai also put forward the finest maternity care. The biggest advantage of considering the government hospitals of Dubai is obviously their affordable maternity care and delivery. Al Wasl Hospital, Dubai Hospital, Al Maktoum Hospital, and Rashid Hospital can be your preferred choice for the maternity care and the delivery of your baby in Dubai Government’s hospitals.

    However, you require a valid health card to avail the facility of low cost Maternity Care services and treatments at government hospitals and clinics of Dubai. It is a simple procedure where you have to collect the application form any government hospital of Dubai, fill it correctly and submit in the local Health Care Center along with the required documents. You will be asked to attach the given below documents:

    - Passport copy
    - Covering letter from sponsor
    - Visa application copy
    - 2 passport size photographs
    - Completed application form

    The health card for the non-citizens of Dubai will be valid for just one year and involves the given below fees:

    - 0-9 Years - AED 100
    - 10-17 Years - AED 200
    - 17 Years and Above - AED 300
    - Plus AED 200/- for medical examination

    On the other hand, the health card for the citizens of Dubai is four year and involves the given below fees:

    - 0-9 Years - AED 25
    - 10-17 Years - AED 50
    - 18 Years and Above - AED 100

    Both the citizen and non-citizen health cards can be renewed online. Click here to renew your card.

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    Maternity care before delivery

    Once you finalized the hospital, call them to book your first maternity appointment. Monthly checkups are necessary to keep an eye on the developmental stages of your expected baby. Carry the following documents while going for the check-up:

    - Valid Health Card (for expectant mother)
    - Marriage Certificate (original & copy)
    - Passport copy (both husband & wife)

    The Government hospitals of Dubai offer various maternity packages for their customers. The packages for 12 visits and all routine tests cost about 2,500 AED. Almost every government hospital of Dubai provides their customers with a brochure, which gives a break-up of both options. The maternity related charges of the private hospital vary as they have different management, deciding upon their fee.

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    Delivering a Baby in Dubai

    Call or visit the selected hospital a few weeks before your delivery date and ask the concerned department to pre-register your delivery case and pre-arrange the required work. Delivery at the majority of Government hospitals of Dubai costs around AED 7,00 for a normal delivery. This amount will be double for a caesarian case.

    The doctors can suggest you to stay in the hospital for some time, depending on the mother and child’s condition. Now, it is totally up to you that whether you want to stay in a private room or a general room after your successful delivery. Both private and government hospitals offer the facility of private and general room, keeping the various segments of their customers in mind. However, you would need to pay extra for the private room, extra stay in the hospital, medical complications, and for delivery of twins.

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    Get the Notification of Birth Document

    Make sure to get the Notification of Birth Document in an Arabic language on the discharge of the mother and newborn baby from the hospital. This document is your key to Register your Child’s Birth in Dubai.

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