Chinese Kitchen Restaurant Dubai Overview

Chinese Kitchen Restaurant can be found in the famous area of Jumeirah in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The name of this restaurant clearly declares that it is a Chinese bistro, where people can relish the scrumptious varieties of Far East region.

These delectable delicacies are prepared from fresh ingredients to serve a high quality meal to the guests, who can order from a varied menu of Chinese Kitchen. Because its menu ranges from appetizers to soups, vegetable dishes to poultry, seafood to meat items and much more, you will find a great deal of Chinese variety with superb taste.

Apart from this, Chinese Kitchen also offers soft drinks and takeaway service to its customers in Dubai, so they could savour its tasty dishes at their own place as well.

Contacts: +971 4 394 3864


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    Products and Services:

    - Brunch, lunch and dinner.

    - Menu includes appetizers, soups, seafood, poultry, meat items, vegetables dishes and lot more.

    - Soft drinks.

    - Take away.

    - Table reservation.

    - Catering services for outdoor events and functions.

    To see the menu of Chinese Kitchen, click here.

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    Operational Hours:

    Chinese Kitchen Restaurant opens seven days during a week and its usual opening hours are from noon till midnight.

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    Location of Chinese Kitchen:

    Next to Safa Park, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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    How to Get to Chinese Kitchen:

    There is no metro station within 2.5 kilometres range of the restaurant, so bus sounds better option to drop by.

    By Bus

    Chinese Kitchen Restaurant is just 1.1 kilometres away from the nearest bus stop called Safa, Park 2 – Dubai. Bus numbers 12, 93 and F20 can take you to this bus stop, from where one can easily reach this bistro on foot in about 13 minutes time frame.

    To do so bus user needs to head in the southwest direction from the Safa, Park 2 – Dubai bus stop, then turn slight left towards Al Bailee Street and later turn slight right onto Al Bailee Street. After that turn left onto Al Sinyar Street, before making a left turn towards Al Khamaari Street and then, continue straight onto Al Khamaari Street to find this restaurant just a few metres away. Directions.

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