Feline Friends Dubai Overview

All abandoned cats in Dubai will find home at Feline Friends – an organization that is responsible for giving shelter to cats.  If any one wishes to adopt a cat they can contact the management of Feline Friends and help your favorite pet in getting a new home. Temporarily cats at Feline Friends are forested by volunteers. The organization is solely working and maintaining its good work through funds. This non profit organization came into being in year 1991, and Lesley King was initially its founder.

Feline Friends does not have its own shelter, but the volunteers are nice enough to provide temporary shelter at their home until the cats find their own home.

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    For abandoned cats temporary shelter is provided, later on they are sent to their own home.

    If any cat is unhealthy then the management provides complete medical admittance.

    If an owner of a cat has some question in his/her mind regarding the pet, experts duly answer them all.

    People who are not aware of the complete guidance of keeping a cat at home they are given proper advice to make it an easy job for them.

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    How to Contact:

    You can remain in touch with the management of Feline Friends by using the contact information cited below and arrange a meeting:

    Contact: +971 50 451 0058

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    Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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    How to Get to Feline Friends:

    By Bus:

    Bus stop Ritz-Carlton Hotel 1 is 140 meters away from the organization, 2 minutes walk will allow you to cover the required distance. After getting of the bus, head straight in the southwest direction on to Jumeirah Beach Rd, and keep on striding until you reach at your destination. The only route that makes a stop at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel 1 is 8 from Ibn Battuta Metro Station 1. For detail route take a look at the pedestrian path.

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