5 Bathroom Accessories I Could Do Without

When it comes to bathroom accessories I like mine simple, classy and usable. If I were remodeling my bathroom a bidet – a fancy French word for spraying toilet – wouldn’t exactly make it on my list. Expressing your individuality through bath accessories isn’t always a good thing. Here’s my list of bathroom accessories that I could do without.

#1. The iPod tissue holder dock station. Don’t you think it’s taking things a bit too far when you are plugging your iPod into the thingy that holds your toilet paper? Do you really need to be on the toilet that long? Or is the real question, why can’t you live without your iPod long enough to use the bathroom? Plus what happens when it accidentally gets dropped into the toilet? This is one of those bath accessories no one needs.

#2. Toilet Tattoos. How is this possible? Toilets don’t have skin. Tattoos go on skin. As bath accessories go, I would say the toilet tattoo is one of the lamest. I get that they are a temporary bathroom design solution but what’s wrong with letting the throne stand on its own in its own glory? There are far better bath accessories on the market that no one should stoop to buying toilet tattoos.

#3. The bathroom door baby hanger. Of all the bath accessories this has got to be the most desperate. With the bathroom door baby hanger a mother or father can suspend their child on the back of the door so they can take care of business without having to stop in mid-action to get keep the kid from pulling all your toiletries off the counter. How could anyone go to the bathroom with their kid hanging from the door and staring at them is beyond me. It’s just weird. Talk about openness and sharing.

#4. Weird bathroom plaques. I know I’m uncomfortable using the bathroom at someone else’s’ house and tacky bathroom plaques with kitschy sayings on them only increase the discomfort. There’s no need to point out the obvious, demand obedience or offer advice. Most people aren’t going to follow the rules on your sign anyway. Bathroom accessories shout not include plaques of small children with tear drop shaped eyes peeing in the flowers.

#5. Animal shaped toilet plunger storage. I’m not sure why the inventors of the toilet plunger storage device felt it necessary to dress the plunger like a sitting dog or happy kangaroo. A toilet plunger is a tool and belongs either in the garage or stuffed in the back of a cabinet. Since a toilet plunger isn’t used that often it does not need to be located next to the toilet. Who wants to have a kangaroo watching them doing their business anyway?

Bath accessories are a no brainer for most people and maybe I’m just weird but I like to keep self expression in the dÃ?©cor of other important areas of my house; the living room for example. Because I like my bathroom to be nice and clean the things on this list have no place there but if you like them then so be it. Different stripes for different types.

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