Eureka Optima Vacuum Cleaner Review

When looking for vacuum cleaners several months ago, we chose a Eureka Optima. It seemed to be just what we were looking for-at the time. It was pretty, lightweight, an upright vacuum cleaner and most importantly, bagless. We just assumed that it work properly when we needed it do.

Going back to the features we do actually like. The color of the vacuum cleaner is what actually caught my eye in the store. It was a nice lime green with a circle handle, which just seemed unique. The Eureka Optima is extremely lightweight and compact. Carrying the vacuum around the house is easy and it stores nicely in a small hall closet. It is an upright model with all of the attachments within easy reach. The settings are extremely easy to figure out and you can change it from hose to carpet with a simple turn of a dial. There iseven a setting for only suction or suction and brush rolling.

The vacuum cleaner is completely bagless, but the filter constantly stays filthy. The filter is worse on this vacuum cleaner than any other vacuum we have ever used. The filter is hard to clean also. The suction is decent for its size. It does not eat our carpet up like some vacuums with heavy suction, but it does clean the carpet well.

As for the price, it was reasonable. We paid around 70 USD for the vacuum cleaner, which seemed average when we purchased it.

So,up until now, it seems that the Eureka Optima is a decent vacuum cleaner-right? Well, if I could vacuum more than one room at a time it would be. However, the vacuum overheats so easily that I can barely get one room done at a time, much less the entire house. I called the company and they said this seems to be a flaw with the model and that I could take it to the service shop for a fee. Lovely. I think I am better off just buying a new vacuum cleaner that is reliable to clean all of our home.

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