The Paint Pot in Plymouth, MN

Less than a year ago I moved to the town of Plymouth, MN. It is a town with over 60,000 people and coming from a town with less than 3000, its a big change. In a small town there is not much to offer. A few stores and a restaurant or two. Nothing like Plymouth. Myself, I love art and I love to paint. After high school, there are not many places where somebody can just go and relax, paint and have a great time. Then, I found The Paint Pot. It is a paint your own ceramic studio and a wonderful place to be. Over 400 different pieces to choose from and a wall full of colors. The workers are wonderful people with smiles on their faces at all times. People that are always willing to drop what they are doing and willing to help you. They have many idea books, examples, and different techniques that are amazing. And the turn around time, time it takes to bake your piece in the kiln, is only 5-7 days. At any other place you will be waiting 10 or more. A fireplace, huge windows around the building that let the sun shine in, and music that is smooth and relaxing makes this place a great getaway without spending much and traveling far. I will be visiting there again very soon! I recommend it to all the artists out there and to everybody that thinks there is no artist in them…they will bring out the artist in you!

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