Make Your Stairs and Staircase Safe by Following These 5 Safety Rules

Falls are the number one causes of injuries in American homes; as a result, it’s important to make your stairs and staircase safe. You can do it easily by following a few simple rules. The majority of these rules are ones straight off Internet safety sites and Insurance sites. They go as follows:

Safety Rule #1 – Always light the area over your stairs and staircase.

You can add light to your stairs and staircase in a number of ways. The easiest way is to insert lights in the ceiling over your stairs and staircase that you can turn on with the flick of a switch. Other options include lights along the adjoining wall or in the steps. Basically, your aim is to light a path that anyone can see in order to avoid misstep.

Safety Rule #2 – Always add tread to the steps of your stairs and staircase.

A common recommendation by home safety experts is that people who own stairs or a staircase adds tread to them. The tread should be added to the steps in order to create extra traction that will prevent falls. You can do it yourself if you are a handy person or, better yet, hire a professional. Just be sure that the tread itself is installed properly, so it’s best able to do its job and prevent a fall.

Safety Rule #3 – Always repair loose steps and rails quickly on your stairs and staircase.

This rule is key. Home falls on stairs or a staircase are usually linked to a loose step or loose rail. So, as soon as you notice that a repair is in order, you should jump on it. It is your greatest defense against an in-home accident.

Safety Rule #4 – Always build your stairs and staircase to code.

Cities usually have codes that apply to the building of stairs or a staircase. These codes are in place for a reason and are closely tied to the safety of the users of these walkways. So follow them. Don’t let your inner-designer or an unwise friend or relative talk you out of it. After all, if anyone falls in your home, you’ll be the person responsible for paying for it.

Safety Rule #5 – Always help vulnerable walkers up your stairs and staircase.

Vulnerable walkers are children, senior citizens and disabled (temporary and permanent) people. They usually require assistance walking up a flight of stairs or a staircase. So be sure to assist them. Yes, this rule has nothing to do with the construction of your stairs or staircase, but it’s just as important as the other four. A helping hand is the second best way to prevent falls in your home.

In conclusion, these five rules will make your stairs and staircase safe if you follow them. All are relatively simple and worth the cost of keeping people who visit your home injury-free.

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