Some Examples of Feng Shui Problems Around the House and Solutions to Solve Them

Front door and Entryway


The bland, uninviting front door has a window insert that lets chi barge through. The steps leading up to the door have no risers, so chi has trouble even making it up to the door. The front door also faces the up-slope of a mountain. Since a home’s main entrance is referred to as the “mouth of chi”, these are serious problems. The lack of division between front door, fireplace, and kitchen also means any chi which enters will be “burned up” or dissipated.


If you’re bold, paint the front door red or another bright color to attract chi.

Position pots of bright flowers on both sides of the door and on the steps.

Add risers to backs of steps if at all possible.

Cover the windows with a semi-opaque curtain to slow down chi.

Install a tall light in the backyard, or a weather vane or other ornament on the roof, to life chi and balance front and back slopes.

Reconfigure the house layout so the front door is on the floor level of the side of the house with faces the downslope. This solution wasn’t feasible for one of the homeowners with this problem, so the solution was to built foot-high (30.5cm) walls of interlocking brick to form half-circles outside the two downstairs doors, then planted them with flowers. The walls will help keep chi from gushing out the downstairs doors.

Position a screen or room divider to shield at least part of the fireplace from the view of someone walking in the door.

Living Room


Alignment of front door with glass doors that survey an attention-getting view encourages chi to rocket straight through room and out of the house.


Position furniture to interrupt path of chi between front and back doors.

Position trees or a screen in front of glass doors.

Place bright objects and attention-getting art in chi’s path.

Hang sheers over glass doors.

Position a wind chime in the path of the doors, or hang a mirror on the wall above the glass doors.


Colors are bland and natural light is subdued.


Paint is the cheapest Feng Shui fix! Cooling green can be added to the walls to balance the overpowering fireplace and clam the Fire element of the kitchen.

Add art, wind chimes, and colorful, glimmering pillows and throws to attract chi. Hang crystals in the windows.


Sloping ceilings compress chi and create feeling of heaviness.


Add tall plants and torch ere lamps to encourage chi to move upward toward ceiling.


The fireplace (and therefore Fire element) dominates the room.


Fireplace implements were removed and the Fire element calmed with Earth by placing ceramics on the mantelpiece and river rocks and a large plant in the hearth. (The TV has also been hidden in a cabinet.)



Bathroom has no windows and no natural light. The color scheme, fixtures, and linens are bland and colorless. There’s nothing here to attract chi.


Do everything possible to bring more light into the room. Sponge or rag-paint the walls a rich, textured color. You can first paint the walls with a maize gold base coat, allow it to dry, then apply a red glaze by hand. Materials are easily found at any home improvement center.

Spray-paint the shower curtain rod and rings a bright metallic color or another vibrant color of your choice.

Dye the shower curtain and seat cover a rich color. Glue or stitch light-catching decorative trim to the curtain. Purchase inexpensive but richly colored towels, and stitch on ready-made metallic-embroidered trim to add sparkle. (If you don’t sew, use fusible webbing or fabric glue.)

Position plants with pointed leaves in ceramic pots flanking the toilet to increase Fire and Earth elements. Wicker containers will also increase Wood element, which moderates Water. Place a couple of substantial rocks in the space under the tank to ground chi.

Add a plant to the counter-top and a small, low-wattage lamp that always stays on.



Since chi acts like water, it will quickly fall from the living room on the upper floor to the bottom of rather bare stairwells.


Hang art on the walls, and hot-glue faceted crystal trim to a simple clip-on lamp shade to create a light source that’s irresistible to chi.

Pottery collections add more Earth element to help feed the wood siding on the walls.

Abundant, brightly colored flowers also invite chi to slow down (just be sure to keep silk ones dusted).

Position a mirror to grab chi’s attention at the top of the stairs.

Install chimes or a sun catcher in a window to catch light and add color.



This bedroom was located in the Wealth area of the home, but its decoration was rather bare and the colors neutral. It did have the benefit of tall, wooden furniture crafted with flowing lines and curved edges, including a bed with a solid headboard and foot-board (optimal, in Feng Shui terms). But uncovered windows allowed chi to rush in and out, creating an unsettled atmosphere.


A bedspread and lined draperies were created from inexpensive Indian bedspreads. Their intricate patterns and rich violets, greens, blues, and reds produced a luxurious effect. Pillows in touch-me textures, such as chenille and velvet, were also piled on the bed to enhance the yin atmosphere.


Sloping ceilings compress chi, creating an intense as opposed to a restful atmosphere.


The room was painted a deep, restful green around its perimeter to blend in awkward angles and to “lift” the white, sloped ceiling. Dimmer spotlights in the ceiling are turned on to activate chi and encourage it to move upward. Plants aren’t usually recommended as bedroom decoration because of the lively yang energy they add to what should be a restful yin environment. Chimes were also hung to interrupt cutting chi.


The vanity mirror facing the bed prevents restful sleep, as did a television.


Cover the mirror at night. The TV was removed to another room, but if you don’t want to banish yours, cover it at night, too.


The Relationship area of this bedroom, the most intimate room of the house, sorely lacked anything to show that a couple lives here.


A group of romantic images were hung on the wall in the Relationship sector along with a pair of mandarin duck figurines, symbols of love.

Additional tip:

You can add a collection of richly colored candles, glass and glided objects to activate Wealth energies.

Fu Dogs are traditional protectors of the Feng Shui energies of a home. Position them at waist level or higher on either side of your front door or gate leading into your property.

Hang banners or other decorations from the ceiling to symbolically separate the entry, living room and kitchen. Position plants on the counter-top to further separate the spaces.

You can refurbish a part a muted blue table lamps by painting them antique red and gold and adding new Oriental-style shades.

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