Saving Money on Utility Bills

Saving money on utilities bills can be a lifesaver to many families living on a tight budget. There is help available out there for every necessary utility that are associated with living and these are for renters and homeowners alike.

People can get help with paying a heating or electric bill by calling their local utility company. They usually have a program available to help struggling families in a tight spot. If they cannot help, then someone in the customer service department can direct you to a community based agency who will help a customer out who is in a pinch.

The community based agencies can be located by simply asking around or by looking in the newspaper or phone book. Call the local Salvation Army, a local church or a friend. Most of this utility bill help is available only once every 6 months to a year but it can save the utility from a shut off.

There is help available for natural gas, heating oil, electric and water bills in most areas. There may be help for a sewer bill in some areas. A person simply needs to find the right agency with the resources to help.

One huge program that is available to anyone with a lower income is liheap. Liheap which is Low Income Heating Emergency Assistance Program is a federal based program so it is available all over the United States. Call your local Assistance office for an application or simply ask your case worker if you receive food stamps or the medical card.

Liheap will help with any heating utility you may have. The person taking the application will assist you in determining which utility its best to apply the funds too. I have a hot water heater to heat my home and it uses gas to heat the water and it also uses my electric to run the motor, so if I were to get this type of assistance I could have my funds applied to the gas, electric or water bill.

Of course, it is far better to get on a budget program with your local utility company if possible this way all your bills for that utility remain constant through the year. Sometimes my gas bill is 20-30 dollars in the summer months but it can shoot up to 200-300 hundred dollars a month during the winter. A budget helps me even out the gas bills and my budget. A cold winter can certainly push the heating bill up where it is quite high. Plan ahead to avoid this.

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