Kraft Grate it Fresh Parmesan Cheese

Kraft Foods has came up with a great idea for cheese lovers anywhere. You can buy parmesan cheese that comes with a grinder so you can have freshly grated cheese anywhere, anytime. It’s like eating the kind of cheese they put on your entrees at an Italian restaurant. Being that I like to make my own pasta dishes at home, I just had to try this product. It is called Grate-It-Fresh, natural parmesan cheese.

The concept sounds great. You have a block of parmesan cheese inside a container and a grater attached to the bottom of it. You turn it one way and viola; you have freshly grated cheese on your favorite dishes. For me, it wasn’t so easy. The first time I tried Grate-It-Fresh, the cheese just barely came out. The shreds that did come out were small. I left it to stay out on the table for a bit thinking that maybe it was too cold and needed to warm up a bit to work better, but that didn’t work either. After several attempts at using it over several different days, I decided to take it apart and see what was going on inside of it. I snapped the grater off the bottom and attached to it was a rod that went through the middle of the block of cheese , all the way to the other end of the container, with a stopper at the other end of the block of cheese. As the cheese was used, the stopper would move farther and farther down the container, to keep the cheese closer to the grater. It turns out that the reason my cheese was not grating properly was because the cheese was very dried out and hard about an inch up from the grater. I do not know how it got like this since the grater had a cover that is placed over it when it’s not in use. Since I had already broken the rod that went through the middle of the cheese to continue pressing the cheese up to the grater when I opened the container, I decided to flip the block of cheese over. Now the end that was close to the grater was not dried out and looked fresher. Still, I had problems. The Grate-It-Fresh cheese was still only coming out in small, little shreds. I decided after all these tries that it just wasn’t meant to be and threw the product away. It is a shame too because it cost close to $4.50 at the grocery store.

I contacted Kraft Foods about the faulty product and still have yet to hear from them. Hopefully not everyone has as bad of luck with this great concept as I did.

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