How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean when You Have Pets

People have pets for many different reasons. Some inherited their pets from a relative who has passed away, others simply wanted the companionship and loyalty that cats and dogs provide their owners. Health conscious owners must be careful to maintain a clean environment when they have inside cats and dogs who are free to roam around. This article will deal with ways in which pet owners can keep their kitchen clean.

How to keep your kitchen clean when you have pets #1 Clear up spills and food debris

We all know that curiosity killed the cat. Cats just cannot help themselves whenever they see a drink spilled or food that has fallen onto the floor. They will go over and investigate and tuck into the food and drink. If the spillage is on the counter top where food is prepared, this can present an even bigger health risk. Inside/outside cats roam and can pick up all kinds of dirt and bacteria that can then be transferred onto the counter tops. The same is true for dogs. Even the most well behaved cat or dog will be unable to walk on by if they see some food or spilled drink lying around. If this does not bother you, just think of where their tongue has been as you prepare your next meal. It is not pleasant.

How to keep your kitchen clean when you have pets #2 Clean work surfaces daily

Work surfaces in the kitchen, such as counter tops, will need to be wiped down on a daily basis using a clean, soapy cloth or sponge. Do not forget areas such as cupboard doors. Pets can brush up against these and leave hairs behind, which is not very nice when you come to find a dog hair in your food. Dirty work surfaces are a rich breeding ground for bacteria, especially if your pet has fleas or ticks that you are unaware of.

How to keep your kitchen clean when you have pets #3 Keep the floor clean

Unless you have a door that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house, you cannot be sure that Rover or Fido will stay out of the kitchen. A lot of newer homes have open plan designs, which is great for many families, but not so good if you have pets who roam around the house. A build up of cat or dog hair on the kitchen floor is quite off putting as well as unhygienic. So be sure to sweep and mop the floor regularly.

How to keep your kitchen clean when you have pets #4 Keep the kitchen clutter free

Pets like to snoop and find out what is going on. You can reduce this curiosity of your cat or dog by keeping the kitchen uncluttered. Tidy away pots and pans and do not keep food lying around. This can prove to be too much of a temptation for pets. Only keep out necessary items, such as spice racks, toasters or your coffee pot.

How to keep your kitchen clean when you have pets #5 Train pets to stay out of the kitchen

Some pets can be trained to stay out of the kitchen. Use a water bottle to squirt them each time they try to go into the kitchen and they will soon learn that the kitchen is out of bounds. While you are gone, they might still wander through into the kitchen, so bear this in mind. Inside pets who have other rooms in the house full of entertainment will not find the kitchen so appealing. Set up a dog or cat toy box in the corner and take out toys for them to play with. They will soon see there is more fun to be had in the den or front room than there is in the kitchen.

It is possible for pet owners to have a clean kitchen. They need to be aware of the health risks involved in allowing pets into the kitchen and try to prevent this from happening in future. That way, they can enjoy a clean and healthy kitchen.

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