The Legend of Dragoon: Stardust Locations

The Legend of Dragoon is a Role-Playing fantasy game for the Playstatin one. It has four chapters to the story and four disks, one for each chapter. Here are all of the Stardust locations for the game.

On the first disk there are a total of twenty Stardust’s.

In Seles, there is one on a tombstone. In Bale, there are four in the city and two in the castle. At the well in front of Lavitz’s house, in Lavitz’s kitchen, in the weapon shop, in the basement of the house where you stop on the boat tour, in the fireplace in the basement of the castle, and on the second floor before the King’s Chamber, on the far left of the screen. There are two in the town of Hoax, one in the upper house in the fireplace and one in the meeting room. In the Marsh, there is one in the fireplace.

There’s four located in Lohan, one is Dabas shop, one before the arena, another near the entrance of Lohan, and the last one is behind the bookshelf, down the ladder, and in the fireplace. Kazas, has a total of seven Stardust. In the city area, the first room on the left, it is in the barrels. In the first room on the right, it’s up the ladder. One is in the weapon shop. In the slums, near the item shop, in the three barrels, on in the bookshelf, on the top floor, and another in the other barrels, near the item shop.

The second disk has a total of fifteen Stardust’s.

There are four in Fletz, at the weapon shop, item shop, the jewelry shop, in a box outside the door of the bar, and on the roof of the house near the church. Donau, has two, one at the water well near the entrance, and one in the Mayor’s house kitchen. At the Home of the Gigantos, it is at the base of the Torch on the right. On the Queen Fury on is in the bucket of coal near Kongol, and at the pipes before entering Albert’s room. In Lidera the stardust in on the cupboard near the save point. There are two in Fueno, one just inside the entrance to the inn, where the barrels are, and the other at the painting in the clinic. In the Fletz Castle there is one on the statue on the right near the entrance and one at the base of Princess Lisa’s tower.

The third disk has a total of eleven Stardust’s.

In the first house of Furni, it is in the barrels. Another one is in the basin in Teo’s basement. There are two in the Wingly Forest, the first is in Guaraha’s house, and the second is on the pillar, in the room before the recovery point. When Dennigrad is destroyed you can find two outside the item and weapons shop, and one on the second floor of the Inn. In the Destroyed Castle one is near Wink and the other is near Luanna. At Neet you can find one in the lamppost at the entrance. In the ruined city of Vellweb, you can find one in Rose’s Tower.

On the Fourth disk there are only four Stardust’s.

After arriving in Ulara you can find one in each of the rose beds, and in the weapons shop. The last Stardust is in Rouge, it can be found in the storage room after Martle’s room.

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