Review: LG LMVM2085 Over-the-Range Microwave

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My family and I got this over-the-range microwave made by LG for Christmas last year. We installed it right into the spot where the old one was and no extra carpentry work had to be done. Our oven is black, and our microwave matches almost perfectly. When I get through cooking something and everyone isn’t ready to eat yet, I just put stuff in the microwave and turn on the warming light. It works well to keep food hot.

The LG LMV2085 comes with a plate that rotates in both directions. I like this so much better than my old microwave.This microwave oven is really powerful, and has 2 cubic feet of space on the inside. It has a really sleek style and has a horizontal keypad, rather than the vertical one my other microwave has.
My son-in-law gets on to me for this, but I like to soften ice cream in the microwave before serving it. I am arthritic and I don’t have the strength in my hands and wrists to try and scoop out solid hard ice cream. When I put the ice cream back into the freezer I do not see any frost built up on the ice cream, so I don’t see where it hurts it any.

I really do like it because it is large enough to handle my bigger dishes. I often make casseroles and there are always leftovers. I can just pop the casserole dish in the microwave and nuke the casserole and there are no cold spots in the food. It has a sensor that tells when food is thoroughly heated.

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