Turner Appliance Washer and Dryer Repair in Indianapolis

Although we’d been nursing along our older washing machine and dryer combo for a while, I finally realized we needed someone to repair them. Our clothes washer was totally unbalanced and our dryer was making a terrible noise. We’d had an unsatisfactory experience with one local company, Broad Ripple Appliance, so I decided to use Turner Appliance of Indianapolis.

Turner Appliance of Indianapolis offers quick service and polite employees

We use our washing machine daily and I didn’t want to go for more than a week, causing laundry to pile up. Happily, Turner Appliance employees were able to schedule an appointment within two days. I was very pleased by this. To make the appointment, I simply called their phone number at (317) 788-9180. Alternately, you can check out info at their website, located here . When it comes to washer and dryer repairs, they are known for quality service and fair prices. I was about to put them to the test.

The Turner Appliance service provider, Indianapolis location, arrived promptly

I don’t have much free time in my day so I hate to wait around, possibly for hours, for a service provider to show up at my home. Before arrival, an employee from Turner Appliance phoned and let me know he’d arrive in the next 15 minutes. This meant he’d be right on time! I appreciated the phone call so I could do a final check of my washing machine and dryer, just in case I’d forgotten to take any laundry from either machine.

True to his word, the Turner Appliance service provider showed up on time, shook my hand and introduced himself. He also took care to make sure his shoes were free of dirt, even though the day was warm and dry. I thought this was especially considerate of him. Not all service providers have been as careful nor have they cleaned up any dust or dirt that they tracked into our home.

Turner Appliance in Indianapolis sent a service provider who listened carefully to me

I explained my problems with both my washing machine and dryer in detail. The washing machine was completely unbalanced and leveling the legs was not solving the problem. The dryer was making a terrible noise and not drying our clothes quickly. Also, we have a strange lint trap that allows lint to fall into areas of our dryer that aren’t easily reached. As the Turner Appliance repair man listened, he asked short questions, ones that I could easily answer. He clearly understood what I was saying and the situation – a noisy dryer and an equally bothersome situation with our washing machine, both needing repairs.

Turner Appliance in Indianapolis saved us money by giving simple tips on DIY repairs

When I mentioned the issues we had with our lint trap, with dust falling deep into our dryer, the service provider actually showed me how to open up the front panel on my dryer and access the clogged lint that way. No other service provider or company, including Broad Ripple Appliance, had suggested that we could handle this ourselves. By showing me this step, the Turner Appliance service provider made me feel capable of handling this issue myself, one that had been so frustrating. Lint had been getting on our clothing and I hadn’t been able to get to it. Now I knew the secret!

Our washer and dryer were quickly fixed by the Turner Appliance repair man

At every point, he explained what he was doing – and why. He balanced our washing machine but did note that we might need to replace it within a year. He also showed me a nicked spot in part of our dryer, one that was contributing to the odd noise I was hearing. The noise did disappear once we got the lint trap totally cleaned out and he made sure everything was properly balanced. He also suggested we avoid fabric softener sheets, noting that they could cause lint to build up more quickly and perhaps shorten the life of our dryer. This was news to me!

Turner Appliance in Indianapolis charged a fair price

I’ve had service providers charge as much as $75 to come to our house, even for a quick fix. In one case, the Broad Ripple company had spent less than 5 minutes in our home but still charged a high rate. The Turner Appliance service provider only charged a flat fee of $70 for his time, yet spent hours at our home. There was also a service charge of $39.95, which I felt was very reasonable because he was driving some distance to get to our home – and gas is not cheap! The total cost? $109.95. With the added information about how to access and clean excess lint that escapes the lint trap in our dryer, I could save money in the long run and possibly minimize service calls.

The service provider from Turner Appliance discussed the pros and cons of washer and dry repair or replacement

We were never pressured to replace our washing machine or dryer. However, the repair man gave me a clear comparison of the cost of replacing various parts on our appliances compared to buying a new washer and dryer. He also discussed energy savings benefits for newer appliances. He thought our machines could last another 1-3 years or maybe even longer – with proper maintenance, including the DIY tips he’d shared. In short, there was no pressure to buy an immediate replacement, although he did make sure I knew the pros and cons of keeping an older washer and dryer. Our combo is less energy-efficient than newer ones might be.

Itemized receipts and details about washer and dryer repair made Turner Appliance, Indianapolis location, a winner!

The receipt provided by Turner Appliance in Indianapolis was much clearer to me than the one given to us by the Broad Ripple company we’d used. Work and services performed on our washing machine were clearly listed and the technician’s name and receipt number was also listed. As noted above, the company advertises quality service and fair prices and my experience is that they certainly deliver on that promise – and more- by giving customers tips and information to help maintain their appliances in between service calls.

Turner Appliance in Indianapolis – services offered

Although we only had our washing machine and dryer repaired, the company can also repair refrigerators, stoves and many other appliances. Simply check out their website or call them to see if they can accommodate your needs. They offer warranties on parts and their service area can be seen here , revealing that most service charges are $39.95. If excessive travel is required, charges can be as high as $59.95 but that would only be if they were required to travel outside the major counties in the Indianapolis area.

Turner Appliances, Indianapolis location – contact info

Phone (317) 788-9180

Website: http://www.turner-appliance.com/index.html

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