Easy Secret Hiding Spots in Your Home Help Prevent Burglary

Prevent burglars from getting your valuables by making any number of secret hiding places. Whether you want to hide a spare key outside or you have an antique diamond ring you cherish secret hiding places are the way to go. There are many different ways to make a secret hiding place to foil burglars or to just have something that’s all yours.

To hide a key use a snap case such as used for dental floss. Cover the case in Spanish moss making sure the glue and moss don’t prevent the lid from opening. Attach rocks, silk flowers or other embellishments to completely cover the case. Hide it beside a plant or a bush. It will fit right into the environment.

Another outdoors secret hiding spot can be done by using potted silk or real plants. Dig the dirt up and align the plants in a row. Use all silk plants or use real ones except for one silk one that will hide the secret compartment. Dig the hole deeper for the silk plant and use a small bowl with snap-on lid. Hide the valuables or other object in the bowl. Place it in the hole and set the plant back into position. The plant will hide the bowl and the bowl will protect your goods from rain and dirt.

There are many ways to make a secret hideaway inside. One way is to hollow out a book. This is rather time consuming but works well. Find a book that has a really boring title that no one would want to pick up and read. Start by cutting a square from the middle of the first page. Continue cutting squares out of the subsequent pages so that they all align. When you have the square cut out of every page spray adhesive inside the square to keep it shaped. Hide your goods inside the book and place on a shelf out of reach. Or, make an arrangement with the book: place the book on a lace hanky and glue an old pair of reading glasses to the top of the book. Use candle-making items to make a gel candle that looks like a glass of wine and place it beside the book. Place all items inside a glass cabinet or somewhere that they won’t be disturbed.

Choose a few books that have boring titles and are close in height. The books should be wide enough that they reach from the front edge of a book shelf to the back edge. They should also be tall enough to almost reach the next shelf. Four or five books, depending upon their thicknesses, are usually a good amount for this project. Use a handsaw to cut the covers of all but two books in half, lengthways. Cut front and back cover in this manner. Now use scissors to cut the pages to the size of the cut covers. Spread glue all over the cut cover of one book and glue it to the cut cover of another book. Do this until you have two or more cut books, glued together. Now glue a book that hasn’t been cut to each end and place on shelf. This gives the appearance of a group of books on a shelf but in reality, there’s an empty space, behind the cut books, in which to hide belongings.

Purchase an inexpensive plastic jar of spices from the grocery store. Empty the spices and clean the jar well. Use a small paint brush to completely coat the inside of the jar with glue. Fill the jar with the dumped spices and allow to sit. When dry, empty out the excess spices. Spray the inside of the jar, spices and all, with a clear-coat spray to keep them in place. Allow to dry well. Now place your belongings in the spice jar and set on the spice rack or in the cupboard, behind other foods. Don’t choose a spice that your family normally uses.

Purchase a single black coffee mug that’s rather deep. Cut a circle of poster board and spray paint it black. Place valuables in the cup then position the fake bottom in the cup. Fill remainder of cup with baking soda and place in fridge. This appears to be absorbing odors rather than hiding money or jewelry. If there’s any chance that a family member may clean out the fridge be sure and tell them to leave the baking soda cup in place.

Although this method is a little radical it’s a great hiding place nonetheless: Cut a hole in the wall where there is no electrical outlet but where one might normally be found. Glue in a small piece of thin wood to use as a shelf to hold your belongings. Place valuables in a small container with lid and set on the shelf. Glue a plug-in-type electrical outlet cover over the hole for a semi-permanent hiding spot. Use hot glue to hold the cover in place since hot glue will dissolve with lots of water. This hiding space works great but is not easily accessible.

Do something similar by making a cloth pattern to cover the hole and decorate the rest of the wall. After cutting the hole use fabric, cut in whatever shape, to cover the hole. Dip the cloth in starch and place over the hole. Smooth into place and allow to dry. Now use several other pieces in the same manner to make a wall decoration around the rest of the area. No one will notice it’s really hiding your valuables. To remove the valuables simply pick at the edge of the fabric until loosened then remove. Dip in starch to reattach the fabric.

Choose a long-sleeve shirt that you never wear and glue or sew one cuff shut. Drop in lightweight valuables, like cash, and hang the garment in the closet. Make a secret compartment in a women’s hat by covering a piece of poster board in faux fur and sliding it into the hat, hiding the valuables underneath.

If you do crafts empty a bottle of dark paint and leave sitting open to allow the paint to dry on the inside walls of the bottle. Be sure you choose a bottle type that is large enough to allow passage of your valuables through the opening. When completely dry place money or valuables inside the paint bottle and place with other paints.

After a tube of toothpaste is completely empty carefully cut off the flat end. Clean inside of tube really well. Hide valuables in it then simply fold the end down a couple of times. This appears to be a tube of toothpaste that’s been partially used rather than the secret compartment it really is. This method can be done with a hemorrhoid cream tube that no one will bother. There are lots of ways to hide valuables without anyone having a clue. Look around your house to find more ideas to foil burglars, hide a little cash, and have some peace of mind.

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